Professional Staff

Professional staff in the Dux Leadership Center are certified trainers and can provide customized workshops to help people learn more about themselves, how to connect with others, and how to build teams more effectively. They also serve as leadership consultants, assisting both groups and organizations in the development of their own leadership capabilities.

Michael McCleve

mccleve_michael_dlc_webPhone: 540-568-5902

Michael McCleve is the Associate Director of Leadership for The Dux Center and has been both formally and informally studying the subject of leadership for over 35 years. After working for different universities and even having his own business, McCleve has found that JMU is his perfect fit

“My personal and professional passion is leadership. For me, that’s what makes this job perfect for me.”

Michael got his undergraduate degree in Philosophy from Brigham Young University and later received his graduate degree from Indiana University in Higher Education Student Affairs.

When it comes to leadership in the Dux Center, his motto is, “We don’t want to do it all, but we want to know it all.” He also tries to see everything as an opportunity to develop students into leaders.  Within the next five years, Michael sees the program fully flourishing and getting more involved with other departments on campus.

In his spare time, Michael volunteers with his church and helps out with the Boys Scouts of America. He also supports his wife with her new small business of fiber arts and handmade jewelry. Michael is the father of three daughters and one son.

Marc Lonett


Phone: 540-568-5903

Leadership Program Specialist