Have you ever worked with someone and experienced conflicts or challenges? Would you like to have stronger, better relationships with others? Have you heard about DISC but wondered what it was, or whether it would help you? 

This 2-minute video, produced by Personality Insights – the company the JMU Dux Center works with closely, drives home the point of just how important it is to know how to connect and work with people.

The DISC Personality Profile Assessment tool mentioned at the end of the video, which could be purchased at their website DiscoveryReport.com, is based on the work done by Dr. Robert Rohm and the Discovery Report Team. Their focus is on being positive and uplifting while still being “real” about the “blind-spots” we all have. The goal is to help people know how to achieve their potential by discovering their personality strengths. But, it doesn’t stop there. Through the information provided in the unique, personalized results of the DISC Profile students can also address the blind spots in their life that can restrict their growth and productivity. That truly is where “breakthrough” happens. If you want more information about what Dr. Robert Rohm has done, you can read the article he wrote, “A Powerful Way to Understand People Using the DISC Personality Concept.” It will explain the DISC Model of Human Behavior as a simple way to understand yourself and others.

The DISC Personality Profile Assessment available through Dr. Rohm’s work and the Dux Center partnership with him gives you access to a proven, simple, effective way to create understanding and clear the confusion. This personality test can help you to:

  • Learn effective communication
  • Discover your personality strengths
  • Improve productivity through better cooperation
  • Reduce your stress level
  • Improve your people skills
  • Learn how other people “see you”
  • Be more motivated
  • Improve relationships through understanding
  • Unlock your leadership potential
  • Quickly identify personality traits in others

The “personality test” is easy to take. It is a short personality profile assessment where there are no wrong answers! You simply answer 24 multiple-choice questions online, in a non-timed, no stress format where you chose groups of words based on how you see yourself. Depending on the option and format you choose to complete the assessment, which is described below in the “How You Can Participate” section, you will either see your results immediately and be able to print out the concise, 6-page report right away; or, you will receive your results as part of a workshop involving discussions, interactive learning experiences, and opportunities to ask questions and get personalized answers.

DISC at JMU through the Dux Center

PIlogoAThe Dux Center has established a strong partnership and close relationship with Dr. Robert Rohm and his company, Personality Insights.  Through this close working relationship, we are able to bring the full range of information, insights, and insightful materials to campus. Our decision to work with Dr. Rohm rather than with other companies that provide similar personality profile assessments came when we realized all of the benefits that we would be able to offer students. They will:

  • Receive positive, personalized feedback that is encouraging, not critical.
  • Discover their personality strengths. They will better understand the value they have on a team and as an individual.
  • Gain key insights and exciting perspectives from unique, personalized reports.  Many reports on the market give feedback based on only the 4 major personality traits. The Discovery Report available through the Dux Center will go much further by emphasizing the unique BLEND of traits each individual student possesses. The technology provided through this great partnership with Personality Insights and Dr. Rohm allows the Dux Center to provide detailed and exciting analysis based on 41 specific blends of personality traits. Therefore, students get in-depth, unique, and personalized feedback while still having the advantage of the easily understood DISC model.
  • Not be labeled as having particular weaknesses or “blind-spots.”  No assumptions will be made about areas of growth. Instead, we identify areas to consider in order to be your best without being critical. This is, perhaps, the most unique aspect of our approach.
  • Have access to value-added tools online. These tools include, the Free Course on Better Relationships, the Team Charting Tool, the Relationship Feedback report, and the Career Interest Explorer.
  • Enjoy greater success through the high quality of the feedback given. Through the programs offered by the Dux Center students results will receive reports that are both positive and practical. The content database behind the production of these reports, made available through our partnership with Dr. Rohm, is very extensive and has required many years to develop. Thus, the focus has been to offer the best personality reports with the highest value.
  • Capitalize on the work of established experts in DISC theory and application. Our content and approach is led by Dr. Robert Rohm who is a human behavior expert and leading authority on DISC theory. Robert Rohm, Ph.D. has authored more than 20 books including Positive Personality Profiles and Who Do You Think You Are Anyway. He is the founder and president of Personality Insights, Inc. as well as The Personality Insights Insititute.

How You Can Participate

Cover-GraphicThe Dux Center offers several opportunities for students to complete the DISC Personality Profile Assessment.

Students can apply to participate in the Dine ‘n Learn program, which the Dux Center currently offers each semester. This once-a-week program spans five weeks, provides dinner to the approximately 30 participants, and engages them in fun, interactive, and exciting learning experiences in a small group environment. Students will also soon be able to apply to participate in our “Relationship Success” program. This unique experience will be specifically designed for students who are involved and committed in a close, personal relationship with another person (e.g. – roommates, romantic partners, close friends, etc.). The engaging 2-session workshops will help both people in the relationship understand how they can better connect and develop a stronger relationship with their partner, roommate, or close personal friend. Look for more information about this new opportunity in Spring ’16!

Project teams, study groups, student organizations, professors teaching classes, or supervisors of student employees can also take advantage of our unique partnership with Dr. Rohm and Personality Insights. Everyone knows that an essential part of effective team building and increased productive is knowing the team members’ personality type. Through a unique “Team Chart” capability and a customized workshop designed in partnership with you, the Dux Center LEAD Team can help team, group, or organization be more successful. 15003253372_27c587b4ea_zBecause we are able to purchase access codes in bulk and deliver training to groups of students, rather than delivering materials one person at a time, we are able to reduce the standard retail price of $12.95 for the assessment alone, which does not include any consultation or opportunity to learn more and engage in enjoyable hands-on learning activities. When you get in touch with us and provide us with the information we need to design, develop, and deliver customized workshop, presentation, or learning experience for your group, your cost will only be $10 per person. This nominal cost will include an individualized access code for each person in the group to complete the DISC assessment, a personalized and unique, concise 6-page report for each participant, and a 90-minute or 2-hour presentation by a trained and qualified LEAD Team consultant. If a more in-depth workshop covering interpersonal relationships, working in teams, or enhancing leadership skills is desired, a multiple-session series of workshops, or a longer one-time presentation can also be developed to meet your needs. Simply complete our short, online, Training Request form to let us know how we can help you.