Finding Your Strength

Have you ever been faced with a leadership opportunity yet turned it away out of fear or shyness? As college students, we are continually faced with the challenges of stepping out of our comfort zones. When it comes to taking on the responsibility of a group, many times students turn down these roles. The reason usually comes from the belief that great leaders are born rather than developed over time. People often mistake a well experienced leader for someone who never needed instruction or training. Truth is, there is no one person who naturally possesses the developed skills and understanding of how to be an effective leader.

We are all born with the ability to lead, but it is up to us to tap into the strengths that bring out the great leader within. Which means, we are all capable of developing the skills necessary to becoming effective leaders. Expanding on personal leadership skills starts with finding and testing the unique abilities that set us apart from others. By using these strengths, good leaders become great and those just starting to find their voice grow into their own skin.

Leadership cannot forced, but it can be tapped into. The abilities we each possess only need to be uncovered and practiced. If you want the opportunity to discuss your leadership strengths and see what skills you have yet to discover, come join us at the Dux Center. Throughout the semester, there will be leadership conferences and workshops offered to students