Just Say NO! (what to do when your schedule is overwhelming)

Just Say NO!

Sometimes one of the biggest time management challenges student leaders face is the ability to just say “NO.” You will be offered many opportunities, feel like
others are relying on you and simply want to accept invitations to be further involved. However, in order to be the most effective leader you have the potential to be, sometimes you need to say “yes” to saying “no”!

When is it okay to say “no”?
…if you have already committed to doing something else in the timeframe required.
…if it doesn’t fit into the priorities you have identified.
….if you can’t give the task the time and attention it deserves or needs to be done well.

Stay Loose!

Being a campus leader requires the ability to be flexible, adaptable and spontaneous at times. Expect the unexpected! Keep your schedule loose so you can have a little breathing room should something unanticipated come up.

Stop Procrastinating!

Don’t avoid tasks that you have committed to accomplishing. Not everything you’ll be asked to do is fun and exciting! If you have committed to getting something done – do it now – others are depending on you!


Use Your Time Tools!

Your planner, clock, blackberry and a calendar…these are some “time” tools that should be USED. Identifying how you use your time and properly managing time are not only important life skills, but also leadership skills too.