How can I get involved with UPB?

Visit us at Student Organization Night, come by our office in Taylor 234, talk to an executive council member, call the UPB office at 568.6217, or email us at


Where is the UPB office?

Our office is on the second floor of Taylor in room 234, down the small hallway with club mailboxes across from Events and Conferences.


How can I give feedback or suggestions about future UPB events?

We would love to hear your thoughts on events and activities you want to see on campus. You can share your ideas by emailing, contacting an executive council member, by calling 568.6217, or stopping by the UPB office in Taylor 234.


Where can I find out about upcoming UPB events?

We regularly post event information on our website (, our facebook page, twitter, tumblr, on bulletin boards across campus and through advertisements in the Breeze.


Where can I purchase tickets to UPB events?

Tickets for concerts, speakers, and comedians can be purchased at the University Business Office, located on the third floor of Warren Hall. Tickets for movies can be purchased at the Grafton Box Office.


What is UPB’s co-sponsorship process?

Co-sponsorships are a great opportunity for organizations looking to bring a large-scale event to campus, but are unsure of what steps to take. Interested groups can apply for a UPB co-sponsorship and meet with our Vice President of Programming. UPB will then decide whether or not to support the event. If your event is approved by our executive board, you will then be matched with a programmer and committee who will help you plan, program, market, and fund your event.


How can I advertise on a Grafton slide?

You may design your own slide, or UPB can design a slide for you for $5/hour. All slides and corresponding paperwork must be turned into UPB by the Monday before the week you would like it to run. Request forms and design specifications are available on our website at


I like going to the free sneak movie previews, but I have to wait in line forever and still might not get in. Why doesn’t UPB just hand out the amount of passes that Grafton can hold?

The studio wants the most exposure to the sneak, therefore they send us more tickets than the venue holds to create excitement toward the pre-released movie. UPB needs to give out more passes than Grafton’s capacity, because some students may pick up passes but will not end up going to the sneak. For example, UPB handed out 1200 passes for the sneak preview of Disturbia, and 583 students came to the event. Had UPB not distributed all 1200 passes, even less students would have come to the event.


Why can’t I bring my backpack into Grafton?

Bags are not allowed into UPB events because we would need to search each bag as a security precaution. This is a very large responsibility and liability for UPB. Therefore, we do not allow bags in at all.


Where does UPB show weekly movies?

You can attend UPB movies at Grafton-Stovall Theater, Wednesday – Saturday. Look for monthly calendars around campus.