Through quality programs, services, and facilities, we create a community that prepares students to become educated and enlightened citizens, who lead meaningful and productive lives.
— University Unions Mission Statement

University Unions has the proud tradition of providing services, programs, and facilities that connect the members of James Madison University and form communities. Community is the intense conversation occurring between students studying for an exam together, friends gathering in Taylor Down Under (TDU) for a cup of freshly brewed coffee from Java City, or members of an organization promoting their upcoming event. Community encompasses leadership, friendship, commonality, service, and much more.

University Unions has come a long way since its humble beginning as the University Campus Center and Warren Hall. Within the last four years changes have been made to the facilities it includes. It is no longer just Warren Hall; Warren Hall, Taylor Hall, and Grafton-Stovall Theater have become known as Madison Union and The Festival Conference and Student Center has also been added under University Unions. The community has expanded to reach a wider range of students. We are the “Heart and Soul” of James Madison University.

The many programs that make up University Unions strive to help students become well rounded and successful. Although mainly focused on student growth, we are more than just a student union: businesses can reserve a ballroom for an event, parents may visit the Financial Aid Office, and faculty members may enjoy many of the same services students can. We provide easy access to the information students are looking for, from when a blood drive is occurring in Transitions to who is performing in concert this semester.

Getting involved in organizations and succeeding in academics are all part of a student’s growth. University Unions is able to provide the necessary services to achieve these goals.

This video from the Association of College Unions International describes the role of the college union.

ACUI - The Role of the College Union

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