May 21st, 2014

Dux Center Offers Programs, Books, Games and More!

“Dux” is the Latin translation for “Leadership,” and leadership skills are exactly what the Dux Center offers the JMU community. Their target audience ranges from the individual to groups or organizations and they offer a wide range of resources.

Some of the events and programs offered throughout the year include: StrengthsFinder workshops, Kijiji, Dine and Learn, 7 Habits of Highly Effective College Students, Leadership Isn’t for You, How to Win Friends, and the DISC Personality Assessment. These programs offer a wide range of time commitments. Some meet for several weeks, others occur in one day, and a program like Kijiji can be enjoyed every year of college a student has in them.

The Center’s most current project is the Leadership Enrichment Action Plan (LEAP). While many programs work with groups, LEAP works at the individual level.

“It’s for students to develop personalized action plans,” Tara Price said, a graduate practicum student and volunteer at the Dux Center.

The Dux Center is very inviting. In their office they offer a library full of leadership books, films, toys, and games made available for anyone to check out. One can learn about Gandhi, read about the 7 habits of highly effective people, or do team building exercises with Swiss cheese parachutes. And unlike the JMU library, they currently have no late fee policy.

Information about programs can be found through JMU email, Facebook, Twitter, the Be Involved website, posters and the Dux Center’s webpage at http://info.jmu.edu/dux/. Their Facebook page includes a wealth of enlightening information on leadership and their blog (found on their web page) is full of helpful advice that applies to everyday life.

“Participating in Dux Center events and the individual consultation program can make you such a great candidate for jobs in the future,” Price said. “And even for any other kind of leadership experience you want to have after college.”

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