October 17th, 2013

Ratatouille and Peanut Butter Pie!

Sous chef at E-hall and JMU alumni, Timoty Topling is a charismatic and endearing individual who should have his own cooking show. Throughout his two hour Cooking Workshop, hosted by Off Campus Life (OCL) on Friday, October 11th, Timoty taught attendees how to create a well-balanced meal on their own—complete with dessert.

The ten students who had the opportunity to participate in the workshop were given not only the fruits of their labor—the multifaceted meal—but also a booklet of recipes that they used, including one for peanut butter pie! All were pleased with the simplicity and good-tasting results of the recipes. Sophomore Hospitality Management major Corinne Birriel noted, “It was cool to be able to learn hands on. They are simple dishes to remember!”

Fresh Bruschetta w/ Olive Oil Crustinis
Florentine Stuffed Chicken Breast
Lemon-Thyme Egg Noodles
Peanut Butter Pie

Attendees got to cook in the E-hall chef’s own kitchen. “You always wonder how they do it. It was cool to be able to see how they [the chefs] function behind the scenes,” said Kaitlyn Cema, a sophomore Communications major.

Interested in OCL workshops? Check out the Budget Workshop on November 12th in the Festival Conference Room 5 at 7 PM. If you missed the latest Housing Fair, the next one is on December 5th from 11 AM -2 PM in Festival.

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