September 20th, 2013

Super Sweet Late Night Breakfast

The kingdom of King Kandy, the ever-reigning monarch of Candyland, engulfed Festival on Thursday night, September 12th, as UPB hosted a Candyland-themed Late Night Breakfast.

Members of JMU’s Club Swimming team served out a menu of breakfast food that would make any candy lover’s mouth water: candy castle eggs, princess palace pancakes, maple candy sausage, and gum drop tots.  The line for breakfast stretched down the Festival staircase for the first hour.

Meanwhile, students could peruse the halls, decorated with life-size pictures of lollipops, gumdrops, and chocolate bars, and participate in an array of activities. Many of them offered sweet prizes—literally—such as King Kandy’s Cake Walk and a lollipop tree. Students could also relax from a stressful week by playing a large scale Candyland-themed memory game or inflatable Twister.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Late Night Breakfast without a dance party. The DJ stood in front of an Ice Cream Castle backdrop and blared a mix of dance-inducing crowd favorites. Dance battles, group performances, and line dances ensued.

Lauren Jewell, a sophomore International Affairs major, has been to every Late Night Breakfast since her first year at JMU. “I just love good music, free food, and good people. Why wouldn’t I come?” says Jewell, as she enjoys a plate of tater tots and syrup-saturated pancakes.

UPB hosts a Late Night Breakfast at least once a month. If you missed out on this super “sweet” event, the next LNB is October 30th and the theme is JMU Spirit. Visit UPB’s website to find other upcoming events on the calendar.

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