April 17th, 2013

Madipoolza III Vamps it Up

Madipoolza III on Saturday April 13th, 2013 on the Festival Lawn proved to be a great way for JMU students to celebrate the new and much appreciated spring weather.  Artists Joe Robinson, Ella Mae Bowen, The Last Royals. Shwayze, Many Nights Ahead, The Lonely Biscuits, and Foxy Shazam took the stage throughout the day, leaving audience members of diverse music tastes pleased.

Junior Psychology major Rachel Cases noted, “It was a perfect day to celebrate the end of the semester. The Shwayze concert was definitely the best part, and I managed to get a picture with him, my friends, and I.  Hearing my favorite song by him ‘Corona and Lime’ was a highlight, so I would say Madipalooza 2013 was a success!”

Students took advantage of free food including pulled sandwiches, apple strudel stuffed churros, popsicles, soft pretzels, and popcorn. Fulfilling junk food cravings wasn’t the only favorite feature of the festival. Adventuresome guests took on the vast array of activities offered such as the extreme air bungee jumper and rock-climbing wall. In addition, grown-up-sized inflatables including the spider zone slide, boot camp challenge, and wrecking ball were also popular. Freshman Chris Mao chimed in, “Madipalooza was great community event. I felt like JMU was one, and I was one with JMU.”

Being that the event has been held annual for three years now, Madipoolza is being more ingrained into JMU culture. Perhaps this just goes to show you that no matter how adult-like college students are, the idea of a carnival will continually bring out our inner-child. Something about eating a free Popsicle on a hot day while watching your friends slide down an inflatable slide like five-year-olds may be forever be priceless. Be on the look out for details about Madipoolza IV on Facebook and  twitter.

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