April 10th, 2013

Funny Freakin' Friday: Collin Moulton

Funny Freakin’ Friday filled TDU yet again, as UPB introduced comedian Collin Moulton to the stage this past Friday, April 5th. 

Moulton is a nationally recognized comedian. He has won the Rocky Mountain Laff-Off and was chosen as “Best in Fest” at the Montreal Comedy Festival. Moulton was even featured on Comedy Central’s “Best of the Improv.”

Collin Moulton’s humor is fast-paced and punchy. He creates hilarious punch lines from seemingly mundane and common topics; such as his mother, divorced parents, and raising his children. 

Even the postal service was fair game. “We are living in a time where we simultaneously have both email and the postal service. We are going to have to explain that to our grandchildren; it’s going to blow their mind!,” he joked. “Seriously, they are going to be like—Grandpa, what was paper?”

Moulton even selected a few students in the audience to tease, especially those in audience who were dating. “Bringing a boyfriend or girlfriend to college is like bringing sand to the beach,” he joked. “It’s pointless!”

Tori Powell, a freshman Dance major, never heard of Collin Moulton before, but left TDU as a fan. “Although sometimes his jokes could get a little inappropriate; they were still hilarious. And he talked about topics that were relevant to us, so it was really fun.”

As the school year is winding down, this is the last Funny Freakin’ Friday UPB is hosting until next semester. But, don’t worry—if you missed the laughs this time, keep an eye out for the next semester line-up for Funny Freakin’ Friday on UPB’s website. 

If you want to learn more about Collin Moulton, you can visit his website here. 


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