March 20th, 2013

Colonial Tea Time

Tea Time is a weekly Wednesday tradition that offers free hot tea and pastries. However, this week, Tea Time was taken to a new level as a way to celebrate President Alger’s inauguration and Madison week.

During a usual Tea Time, the tea and scones are limited to one table that attendees huddle around. But this week, Tea Time occupied the entire Transitions room in Warren Hall on Wednesday afternoon, with decorative tables and couches open for students and faculty to relax on.

As students walked in, two people decked-out in Madisonian Era costumes greeted every guest with a friendly smile, as classical instrumental music played in the background. Tea and lemonade were served in cups and saucers, and there was a plethora of pastries to choose from.

Freshmen Shannon Sophy and Sydney Nickerson have never attended Tea Time before, but they agree that they would gladly return now that they have experienced Colonial Tea Time. “It’s very elegant and a lot of fun,” said Sophy. 

Nickerson agreed, saying, “I’d definitely come back, and then invite more people to fill up the table!”

As one of the many events this week designed to celebrate the inauguration of the next JMU president, the primary goal of Colonial Tea Time was to offer students a relaxing atmosphere while simultaneously receiving constructive feedback about their JMU experience. Colonial Tea Time even offered free Inauguration week t-shirts and headphones.

Scattered amongst the tables were display boards asking questions such as “Where do you see the university in 5 to 10 years?” and “ If you could change, one thing about your JMU experience, what would it be?” Students lined up to grab a marker and write on the boards to express their thoughts.

Even JMU’s former president, Dr. Carrier, dropped by Colonial Tea Time to meet students and reflect on how much JMU has changed since his presidency.

If you missed Colonial Tea Time, don’t worry. Tea Time is held every Wednesday at 4:00 p.m. on the Commons or in Warren. Stop on by and enjoy free tea and pastries!

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