December 10th, 2012

An Island Escape

The laid-back Island sound of the Joe Moorhead Band flowed through TDU Wednesday, December 4th at 7:00 p.m. Students gathered at the UPB hosted event to hear the band and enjoy food and games.

“I was pleasantly surprised when I came here to study,” said Gabby Poore, a senior International Affairs major graduating in May. Like many in the audience, Poore didn’t know there was an event that night. “I don’t get as much work done, but it’s a nice break, especially with the stress of upcoming finals.”

Walking in, students were provided with free leis, inflatable beach bottles, and stickers to encourage the island theme. Free island-flavored punch in unique looking bottles with twisty straws was also provided by UPB.

Students gathered in front of the stage for a hula hoop competition narrated by the band. Other students enjoyed corn hole and dodged the free beach balls that bounced around. 

The Joe Moorhead band hales from Cleveland, Ohio and has played across North America and the Caribbean. Cold winters in Ohio inspired their craving for island surroundings. “All the events that they do are island-themed,” said Hannah Overberg, sophomore Psychology major and UPB staff member, “It’s their thing.”

The event provided a good outlet for students to take a break and relax before finals week. UPB’s final event of the year before break was the semesterly Relaxation Station— an excellent, completely free event that has become a traditional event held before finals start.

Want something to look forward to when coming back from break? On January the 16th at 7pm Spotlight is hosting Lake Street Dive, an up and coming band from Boston.

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