November 12th, 2012

Dizzy for Disney

TDU was jammed full of jittery students looking to cure the ‘election hangover’ with University Program Board’s Mad Hatter Tea Party and Disney Karaoke event on November 7th from 7-9pm. UPB’s Center Stage Committee warmed guests physically and emotionally from delectable tea and scone offerings to the playing of classic childhood songs.

“It’s cool because everything we do is customized including the PowerPoint slides we are using for karaoke. We wanted so something fun and interactive,” said senior SMAD major Karlyn Doyle who ran the event. 

UPB’s Disney themed week had a special incentive for student attendance. Students had the opportunity to get a special card punched for every event they went to for the week. If students attended 5 out of 7 events, their names were put into a drawing for chance at winning a pair of tickets to Disney’s Magic Kingdom Park in Orlando, Florida.

Zenon’s “My Super Nova Girl”, Tarzan’s “You’ll be in My Heart”, and Tangled’s “When Will My Life Begin” were just some of the songs featured at this karaoke night.  And, of course, everyone remembered Ariel. Many girls sang out their childhood hearts with hits from the Little Mermaid such as “Part of Your World.”

Freshman IDLS major Natalie Dunkin found out about the event through Madison Equality and noted that she was drawn intuitively to the event, “I love singing and Disney, so you know.”

For more information on UPB’s events check out their website at http://info.jmu.edu/upb/events/. Remember to take advantage of their holiday events and relaxation station as finals approach and you find yourself needing some stress relief!

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