October 15th, 2012

Funny Freakin’ Friday: Will Marfori

JMU’s Family Weekend was not lacking in laughs as the University Program Board hosted yet another hysterical Funny Freakin’ Friday in Taylor Down Under last Friday, October 5th.

As TDU filled with students and their visiting families, the show opened with a non-traditional twist. There were two opening acts. The first was a fellow Duke, Nathan Gallagher. Gallagher won the JMU student comedy competition “So You Think You’re Funny?” last April with his light-hearted punchlines.

“I’m the opening act for the open act, which is fantastic. Fame is just rolling my way,” Gallagher joked.

The second opening act was Kyle Phalen, a University of Mary Washington student, who was not afraid to admit that his humor is blunt and inappropriate. “Maybe this wasn’t the best material for family weekend,” laughed Phalen.

The main act of the the night was comedian Will Marfori. Marfori is a self-acclaimed oddity. He was born with cerebral palsy and uses humor to shed light on his condition. Marfori has performed in many benefit shows for organizations such as United Cerebral Palsy, and he was a finalist in the Las Vegas Comedy Festival.

Marfori was not afraid to spark laughs at his own expense. His show touched on topics ranging from politics to dating advice.“Do you want some dating advice? Date me. It’s a good time and you can claim it in your taxes,” joked Marfori.

Zeinab Nilforoush, a sophomore Health Administrations major, entered TDU on Friday night having never heard of Will Marfori, but she left as a fan. Nilforoush found Marfori relatable because his punchlines were based around his personal quirks. “I love it when comedians are able to make fun of themselves,” said Nilforoush.

Along with UPB, the Office of Disability Services co-sponsored the event in order to raise awareness about cerebral palsy on campus. “Will Marfori has a niche audience, and the Office of Disability Services caters to a similar niche group. It was a great fit,” said Liz Rea, the UPB Public Relations director.

Ultimately, Marfori’s performance proved that his humor is not limited by his physical limitations.

“Here is the point of my show,” started Marfori. “I may be very different, but we are all still very common.”

If you missed the show, keep an eye out for UPB’s upcoming comedy events. The next Funny Freakin’ Friday will be on November 8th in Taylor Down Under. UPB will also be hosting “The Second City Comedy Show” in Wilson Hall at 8 p.m on October 18th. Unlike Funny Freakin’ Fridays, this event is not free, but it is showcasing a group of established comedians who are sure to not disappoint. For more information, you can visit the JMU University Program Board website.

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