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The Office of Technology and Design works to fulfill our clients' needs through the use of graphic design, marketing, photography, videography, web development, and writing/reporting. Our staff...

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“I first heard about about the Office of Technology and Design as a student employee working down the hall with University Program Board. My TAD education began with my first interview a year later. Frank, the boss man, didn’t even want me on the design team! Following a mediocre interview (and a less-than-mediocre portfolio), he […] [read full post]

The incredible opportunity to attend the edUi conference in Richmond, VA left Olivia and me with pages of notes, plenty of new ideas, and a fresh take on what it is that we do as content strategists. After having sifted through my eleven pages of notes (front and back…no joke), I have simmered down all […] [read full post]

It’s great when your expectations match up with reality. Just like expected, the edUi conference, a conference full of amazing speakers and professionals on web development and content strategy, was amazing. The conference took place this year in Richmond at the Omni Hotel. It was a beautiful and fun location full of great people not […] [read full post]