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The Office of Technology and Design works to fulfill our clients' needs through the use of graphic design, marketing, photography, videography, web development, and writing/reporting. Our staff...

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Duke hall Gallery has brought us yet another amazing artist, Wole Lagunju. After attending his talk on Monday night, I not only received insight on his process but also the meaning behind his works. In the words of Kathy Swartz, his artwork takes us on a “visual journey through time and space through interlocking designs.” […] [read full post]

K’Nex, meditation lessons, camera lenses, and lavender fields…TAD training this year was anything but ordinary. It was a little weird to be back on campus two full weeks before most students arrive, but we took advantage of this opportunity to explore Harrisonburg, as well as all of the recent updates JMU has made. Our two-week […] [read full post]

*Click on the slide for photo credit.* Andrew Carnes WALL-E is one of my favorite Disney movies. This movie is still touching with barely any dialogue, and, c’mon- robots. Megan Chandler I immediately regret suggesting this theme to Kelly because now I have to decide what my favorite Disney movie is. I’m not sure how […] [read full post]