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The Office of Technology and Design works to fulfill our clients' needs through the use of graphic design, marketing, photography, videography, web development, and writing/reporting. Our staff...

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The Office of Technology & Design is now hiring writers for spring 2016! We’re looking for talented individuals with emerging voices to attend events, create articles, and collaborate with our diverse group of students! TAD markets all events and services within Madison Union and Festival and as we move forward, we need dedicated writers who […] [read full post]

Tell us a little about Skirven & Croft. We’re an all purpose visual & vibe curation team. Lately, we’ve been specializing in brand identity systems and custom illustrations for small to medium-sized businesses and organizations from all around the world. Our goal is to do work with folks who have similar beliefs and ideals as […] [read full post]

This school year has brought many new changes to the Office of Technology and Design. It’s been an exciting year as our new graphic design coordinator, Lindsey, brings us fresh new insight. Not only does this bring us change, but it also brings Lindsey to a new chapter of her life! When asked to give a […] [read full post]