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The Office of Technology and Design works to fulfill our clients' needs through the use of graphic design, marketing, photography, videography, web development, and writing/reporting. Our staff...

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*Click on the slide for photo credit.* Andrew Carnes WALL-E is one of my favorite Disney movies. This movie is still touching with barely any dialogue, and, c’mon- robots. Megan Chandler I immediately regret suggesting this theme to Kelly because now I have to decide what my favorite Disney movie is. I’m not sure how […] [read full post]

After weeks of preparation it was finally time to present at JMU’s International Student Leadership Conference. Kelly Ford and myself, Olivia Craig, presented on “What the Hell is Social Media? And Is Yours Contagious?”, while Andrew Carnes and Katie McAnally presented “Head in the Clouds: Effective Leadership Through Online Collaboration”. Both presentations allowed us to take […] [read full post]

There are a few questions I get asked regularly like, “Becky, how do you meet so many famous people? How do you win so many contests?!” All of my good fortune started about four years ago, and since then I’ve won quite a few meet & greets, concert tickets and a couple of trips to […] [read full post]