Start an Organization

Starting an Organization:

An organization must successfully complete the recognition process in order to gain university recognition. The process includes attending the CEO (Creating Excellent Organizations) workshop series, securing a faculty adviser, and completing the necessary paperwork. Sport Clubs must contact UREC to receive recognition.

Application Procedure

  1. Each semester 12 organizations will be selected for consideration of recognition. These twelve groups will be selected at random from the applications received on the due date. Organization recognition/CEO workshops only occurs one time per semester. Social Fraternities/Sororities must first gain approval from the Assistant Director of University Unions for Fraternity & Sorority Life or the Assistant Director for the Center for Multicultural Student Services for Multicultural Greek Life as appropriate before they are allowed to participate in the recognition process.
  2. Students participating in the organization recognition process are required to submit an <APPLICATION FORM FOR RECOGNITION > to Student Activities & Involvement (Taylor 205A). Applications will only be accepted on the first day of classes each semester by 3pm. If more than 12 groups submit applications, a lottery will take place at 3pm to select the 12 groups who will be considered for recognition.
  3. Before applying to participate in organization recognition, you must have 8 committed members and a committed adviser sign the application saying they are committed to the future organization.
  4. Submission of this application does not guarantee recognition. The organization must complete the recognition process before being granted recognition.
  5. The organization shall be lawful and not in conflict with the policies, rules, regulations, and standards of the University. Once accepted to the CEO program the group’s contact person will be notified. Please be aware of the following attendance and paperwork policy.

CEO Workshop Attendance and Paperwork Policy

Please be sure your group can commit to the following:

  1. Each organization must have a minimum of two student representatives at each CEO Session. If only one representative attends a session that will count as an absence. Each group is allowed only one absence. If an organization has more than one absence they will be removed from the recognition process immediately. The same representatives do not have to attend all sessions. Ideally, the representatives attending will be the officers that will benefit most from that session.
  2. If a workshop is not attended by any organization representatives, that organization will be immediately removed from the recognition process.
  3. All representatives will be on time and stay for the entire workshop. There is a 5-minute grace period at the beginning of the workshop, after that the workshop will be closed. If a representative comes after the grace period or leaves before the workshop is dismissed it will count as an absence.
  4. All assigned paperwork will be submitted at the designated workshop and must be complete. Failure to submit completed assignments on time will result in removal from the process.
  5. At the end of the series the organization will present their mission, proposed activities, defined goals, and a timeline describing what they plan on doing for the course of the year to the Organization Recognition Committee for approval. There must be at least two members present for this presentation.

If the Committee on Organization Recognition approves the organization for recognition, then the Coordinator for Organization Development will identify the groups for consideration to the Student Affairs Administration. Proposed organizations will be notified of their status as soon as possible after all workshops and paperwork have been completed.