You should always feel free to come to Student Activities & Involvement with any questions or concerns.  We are located in Taylor Hall, room 205A or by phone, 540.568.8157 or anytime at



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Merchandise Approval

Merchandise Approval

Do I have to get approval for merchandise (ex. t-shirts, stickers, CD's, etc?) Yes. Approval from Student Activities & Involvement must be gained before making ANY and ALL merchandise, regardless of the purpose or if it will be sold. You can download a copy of the Merchandise Approval Form Below. Can I use the JMU logo in my design? JMU and any variation of its name, mascot, buildings, etc are trademarked. This means that if your organization would like to use any of these of merchandise (i.e. T-shirts, pens, stress balls etc) you MUST get approval and go to a licensed vendor. A licensed vendor is a company that has gained approval from JMU to print these trademarks. Can I sell this merchandise on-campus? In order to get approval to sell merchandise on campus, your organizations Nuts & Bolts representative must schedule space through Event Management. The Event Approval Form must be completed and signed by the Nuts & Bolts representative and approved by Office of Student Activities & Involvement. Where do I go to get t-shirts/merchandise printed? If you follow this link you’ll find a list of:

Policy Compliance Form

Policy Compliance Form

All organizations need to have an updated policy compliance form on file with our office every year. The form needs to be signed by their advisor and all club execs. Once completed, please deliver it to Student Activities & Involvement in Taylor Hall 205A. If you need a form, please see link below.

Working with Money

Working with money

How do I find my tax ID? Attention Student Organizations with Bank Accounts at CommonWealth One Federal Credit Union. The Credit Union now requires verification of your already existing Tax ID (EIN) number. Two ways your organization can get your existing Tax ID (EIN) number:
  1. You can call the IRS and ask for form 147C. Call 1-800-829-4933, and then choose option 4 to verify your organization and receive the form.
  2. If you have an account with Commonwealth One Federal Credit Union, they have it on file. You can go by and ask them for that number
This form needs to be returned to the credit union. Student Activities & Involvement does not keep a record of your club's tax ID number. Make sure to pass this information along when new people are elected into office or a new advisor joins the group. How can my organization make money? There are many options for fundraising on campus.  Here is a document that may help you out: Who do I go to with money questions? If you have questions that your treasurer cannot answer, first ask your Faculty/Staff Advisor.   If there are more questions about money, please contact Paula Lam at

Event Planning

Event Planning

JMU Public Safety & The Clery Act How do we publicize our events? There is a free resource for Student Organizations called the Clubhouse.  Located in Taylor 202 (right across from the Student Activities Office), the Clubhouse is available to any organization that has gone through CEO training and is active on BeInvolved.  There are numerous supplies such as poster board, banner paper, paint, a copier, computers, glitter, button maker, etc. to help you promote your club’s events! You can read more about the Clubhouse here: For more information about JMU and University Union’s policies on advertising on campus, follow this link: What do I do when planning an event on/off campus? To book a room on campus, you must go through the Madison Union Scheduling Office.  They are in Taylor 233.  They can be reached by phone at (540) 568-6300 and here is the Event Scheduling website: Madison Union Scheduling Policies are listed here: If you are planning a large-scale event, you may want to come into our office and speak with a staff member for helpful advice on Big Event programming. There are some forms that you can use as templates if you are: These forms are not required by our office, but instead are here as resources to protect your organization in case of emergency.

Club Resources

Other FAQs

How can I update my org’s constitution? You may use our resources for drafting a new constitution located below.  Remember to upload your new constitution to the Documents section of your organization’s BeInvolved page! The documents below can be used when revising/creating a constitution. Revised constitutions must be submitted to Student Activities & Involvement; please allow 10 days for final ratification. My advisor has stepped down…what do I do? If your advisor steps down, find another faculty or staff member interested in taking on their responsibilities and have them fill out the advisor confirmation form within 10 days.  If you have difficulty finding a new advisor, please come to Student Activities & Involvement in Taylor 205A and we will try to help you find a new one.  Often, we have a list of faculty and staff members who are willing to be advisers for organizations.   My organization wants to change our name.  How do we do that? To change your name, just fill out the name change form below and bring it to our office in Taylor 205A.  
My organization executive board members are leaving, what do I do? Looking to have professional speakers present to your organization? By completing this interest form, you will be added to the Career & Academic Planning- Employer Relations & Recruiting Services, Getting Connected Database. This database will provide C.A.P with a list of Student Groups/Organizations interested in having employers present to their group on different professional topics. Please note: Completing this form does not guarantee that your request will be fulfilled, but will assist our team in knowing what Student Groups/Organizations would be interested in having employer presentations.



You should always feel free to come to Student Activities & Involvement with any questions or concerns. 

Examples include (but are not limited to):
  • How can I get more involved on campus?
  • I’m having a bad experience with my organization.  How should I handle this?
  • I want to be a leader of an organization, could you help me do this?
  • I want to start a new organization and I want to know how.