Madison Leads


Madison Leads


January 28, 2017

Madison Leads is a free one-day conference that aims to equip new and current leaders with skills that will prepare them to lead their organizations.

Madison Leads is open to all JMU students. If you are a club member, club President, or not involved at all, Leadership U is for you!

We are focused on the following:

  • Learn – Everyone is capable of learning to be a strong leader.  Attendees who take advantage of Leadership U will learn ways to more effectively lead their organizations.  Learning will come from both workshops and collaboration with other leaders.
  • Network – Attendees will have the opportunity to collaborate and talk with peers, people of influence, and individuals in positions to assist with leading organizations.
  • Lead – Ultimately, attendees will return to their organizations as stronger leaders.  Leadership U will equip them with the courage and tools to confront any issues they might encounter during their time in a leadership position.
Hosted By-

Student Activities and Involvement
& Fraternity and Sorority Life