About Us

Our office is here to support you in a number of ways, whether you are a new student looking for involvement opportunities on campus, or whether you are an actively involved student looking for support for your own leadership development or support for your organization’s development.

With over 300 organizations on campus, we know that finding that unique experience can be the greatest part of your college career. We also know that it can be one of the most challenging aspects. Whether you are over-involved or under involved, we can help! We provide services for students who are having trouble finding their “niche” on campus, as well as serving the students who are currently involved.

If you are a student struggling to find your place on campus, we encourage you to come into our office at any time and ask to speak with a staff member. Our staff is here to help you find your place on campus and assist you with the overwhelming task of looking into what your passions are and how you can best leave your legacy at JMU. If you would like someone on our staff to contact you about meeting, please send an email to beinvolved@jmu.edu.

If you are interested in starting a new organization, please take a look at the “starting an organization” section of the website. There you will find the obligations and commitments necessary to enroll in this process.

If your organization needs support for retreat planning, internal issues, officer training, recruitment, managing finances, fundraising ideas or any other leadership issues, please see the “organization resources” section of the website. Additionally, if you are looking for paperwork that is due, and organizational database information, please click on the “Student Organization” tab then select “Organization Resource”.

We are here to help support you as an individual and to help support your organization. Please stop by our office any time we can be of assistance!


Student Activities & Involvement Team