MYMOM Leadership Counselor Applications – Due Mon. Feb 5th

Interested in being a Leadership Counselor Application, check out these expectations:

  • Be an enthusiastic and involved member of the JMU community
  • Be willing to purposefully invest in the lives of first and second year students
  • Commit to attending training sessions one night a week in the Spring and Fall
  • Be able to facilitate discussions, and icebreakers in a group setting
  • Be willing able to commit a significant amount of time outside of weekly meetings to plan for time spent with councils.
  • Be willing to learn and grow in your leadership capacity
  • Be open and honest about your JMU experiences and how they have shaped you as a leader
  • Be passionate about your role as a student leader

If these job duties fit you to a tee, please complete this applicationĀ Leadership Counselor Application and bring it to Student Activities & Involvement office by Monday February 5th at 5pm.

For more information about being a Leadership Counselor, please visit our webpage at

Questions about the application process, please email