Madison Meditates

Madison Meditates offers an hour of meditation practice daily. No experience is required and meditation cushions and chairs are provided. There is a variety of facilitation styles and meditation modalities offered as follows for Fall 2017:
Monday – Sarah Deprey-Severance & Destin Webb kick off this student-lead mediation opportunity.
Location: Madison Union 419 (Warren) @ 12-1
Tuesday – Jennifer Cottrell facilitates. Yoga Therapist and mediation teacher.
Location: Madison Union 419 (Warren) @ 12:30-1:30
Wednesday – Professor Karin Tollefson-Hall, Art Faculty with creative mediation exploration.
Location: Madison Union 419 (Warren) @ 12-1
Thursday – Beginner friendly yoga. Mats supplied. Come as you are, no yoga pants required.
Location: Madison Union 206 @ 12:30-1:30
Friday – Professor Liam Buckley facilitates
Location: Madison Union 419 (Warren) @ 12-1