Whether it’s for the summer or forever, moving out requires a lot of work! Here you’ll find information about trailer rentals and storage units as well as information about turning off utilities.  To make sure you do everything you need to prior to moving out, consult this information.

Need to Rent a Trailer?

Have a lot to move?  A trailer could be your solution.   Harrisonburg has multiple venues that offer trailer rentals and drop offs.  Check out this link to google maps to find out you who you can rent from and where!


Helpful Hints for Moving Out

When moving out of your apartment, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Damage Checklist

When you moved into your apartment, you filled out a damage checklist.  Now, you can go through your apartment and finish filling out the form to make sure that any possible damages have been documented.  Here is our Sample Damage Checklist (PDF) you can use and have your landlord sign to keep both of you accountable.


When you move out, don’t forget to turn off your utilities so you don’t continue to get charged for a service you are no longer using.  Remember, even though you have a UDAP through JMU you are still responsible to turn off your utilities.

Harrisonburg Electric Commission: 540.434.5361

Shenandoah Valley Electric Cooperative: 540.434.2200

Columbia Gas of Virginia: 1.800.543.8911

Harrisonburg Water and Sewer: 540.434.9959


Be aware that you may be fined for large items left in your unit succeeding moving out. Please
consider donating these items to the following non-profit organizations in the Harrisonburg area:

Storage around Harrisonburg


Don’t want to bring everything home with you but don’t have a place to store it?  There are a number of Storage Facilities in Harrisonburg where you can keep your things.



Moving On Out

Whether it’s for an extended Christmas break, summer, or forever, moving out of an off-campus apartment requires a lot of work!  There are resources you may need to move and store belongings, safety tips to keep in mind when away, and things to know about disconnecting or transferring responsibility for utilities. The information in this section helps you to know about resources to help make your move-out process as smooth as possible.