Cooking and Shopping on a Budget

The Cooking and Shopping on a Budget Workshop is designed to help students learn how to create a specific food budget and ways to go about sticking to this budget through grocery shopping and cooking.  Students attending the workshop will be provided with strategies to overcome common barriers to grocery shopping, information on where groceries can be purchased in the Harrisonburg area, and tips and apps that can assist.  Student attendees will also learn strategies to overcome barriers to cooking as a college student and be provided with some sample recipes to assist.

Housing Fairs

Housing Fairs are large scale events that the Off-Campus Life office hosts twice yearly.  These events allow area student housing providers to advertise to all JMU students what they have to offer in housing and for students to be educated about off campus living options.  Any JMU student can attend these events to learn about housing options in Harrisonburg, to meet property managers and discuss leasing policies, and to receive information from Off-Campus Life about what to consider in off campus housing and how to get help with any part of the search or leasing process.  It's essentially a one-stop shop experience for available student housing. These events are held in the winter and spring, and students will receive emails and other information informing them of the events.

Leasing 101 Workshop

Leasing 101 is a workshop for any student who wants or needs to learn more about the leasing process before signing a lease for off campus housing.  Our office recommends that those students who will be signing a lease for the first time, or students signing a lease with a new property manager or landlord attend this event to be sure to know their responsibilities and rights as a tenant prior to lease signing. During this workshop, students in attendance will learn what a lease is, common types of leases and the benefits and disadvantages to signing them, the legal responsibility involved when signing a lease, and ways Off-Campus Life can help with the leasing process.  These attendees will also hear important information on second year on-campus housing contracts and be encouraged to wait until spring semester to sign leases due to the housing surplus in Harrisonburg.

Mo’ Money, Less Problems Budget Workshop

  The Mo' Money, Less Problems Budget workshop is an event hosted by Off-Campus Life several times each academic year.  This budget workshop is designed to help students living off campus, or students preparing to live off campus, to create a working budget to help in managing expenses such as rent, utilities, groceries, and transportation.  Those attending the workshop will learn the importance of budgeting, how to create a basic budget, reasons to include savings into a budget, and helpful budgeting and saving resources.  Students in attendance will also have the opportunity to get assistance in creating their basic budget during and after the program.

Sublease Mixer

The Sublease Mixer is an event hosted yearly by Off-Campus Life to help students in need of finding a short-term housing option like a sublet or in need of getting someone to sublet their current apartment.  At this mixer, students are provided with information about the subleasing process and the importance of a sublease agreement is discussed.  Students are also given time to meet and greet with other students that may either have a sublease or want to sublease. *Though the mixer is a great way to meet others, there is no guarantee that someone will find a sublettor or find a sublease.

Roommate Mixers

Roommate Mixers are a combination of a social and educational event hosted by Off-Campus Life several times each year.  These mixers educate those students in attendance about what to look for in a roommate to live with off campus, ways to be a good roommate, and the importance of signing a roommate agreement should conflicts arise at some time in the future.  The mixers also allow students, through some structured icebreakers, games, and "speed dating," to socialize with other students they could potentially room with off campus.  Students looking for another roommate to fill a townhome or apartment, or students just needing to meet others to live with off campus are encouraged to attend.  * Though these mixers are designed to connect students with potential roommates, there is no guarantee that the mixer will provide the student with roommates.

Host Our Events for Your Organization

Are you a member of a fraternity, sorority, or JMU-affiliated club or organization?  In need of educational programs or events to offer to your members? Let Off-Campus Life assist you with these needs.  We have student liaison employees prepared to provide our programs off campus to groups and organizations.  Any of the events you see on this page can be provided and even tailored to the specific needs of your audience.  Contact the Coordinator of Off-Campus Life via email at for more details.  

Event Pictures

Take a look at some of the fun we had during our 2015-2016 events!

Winter Roommate Mixer


Mo' Money, Less Problems Budget Workshop


Housing Fair