Madison Union Operations


The Madison Union is operated by two groups that work closely together. There is Madison Union Operations (MU Ops.) and Madison Union Scheduling (Schedulers). The Schedulers handle all requests for space that will be in the Madison Union or across campus in mediated classrooms. You can view this list at the Event Management website.

Once the space is scheduled and all necessary paperwork is turned the MU Ops. Staff will unlock the meeting rooms in the Madison Union and/or setup the space according to the customers' requests. In addition to setups, MU Ops. staff also operate the TDU information desk where they handle the general university questions, lost and found, billiards, board games, and computer rentals. The same employees also operate the Madison Union Operations desk in Warren Hall. There they handle equipment reservations, key check out for mediated classrooms, general university information, lost and found, diagram setups, events on the commons, stamp approval of posters, and many other housekeeping issues.


Event Support

Most customers come to us with an event or meeting already planned we just help support the event by providing tables, chairs, flipcharts, easels, A/V for presentations, microphones, etc. In addition to the equipment we also provide great customer service!


Diagrams for rooms Madison Union are available on the Meeting Rooms and Program Space page. Hopefully one of these layouts will suit your needs. If not, you can create your own layout! Depending on the event, we generally require 1-2 hours prior to the event to set up the room.


"Policies and rules are intended to provide our guests with a frame of reference of building usage and services." Here is your frame of reference when utilizing the Madison Union for an event/meeting: Madison Union Policy

General Purpose Classrooms

If your club/organization reserves a room in another facility on campus.we probably have the key to that room. Once your reservation is made you will receive notice from the scheduling office that says: ***Before every meeting a representative from your organization must leave their JAC card and pick up a classroom key from Madison Union Operations. When the key is returned at the end of the meeting they will get their JAC card back.*** That's how it works!

For a list of mediated classrooms that an organization/club can reserve go to Event Management website.

Equipment Reservations

We have some A/V equipment primarily for student organizations and clubs. The equipment available is listed below:

  • Chairs = 50
  • Tables (8'ft x 2.5'ft) = 6
  • Boombox w/CD player = 1
  • Computer Speakers = 2
  • DVD/VCR = 3
  • Projector Flex Screen (8'x12') = 2
  • Projector Flex Screen (5'x 7') = 1
  • Portable Projector Screen = 4
  • Overhead Projector = 2
  • Projector (LCD) = 5
  • Projector Cart = 1
  • Sound System (2 speakers, 1 mic) = 1
  • Sound System (2 speakers, 1 lapel mic) = 1
Rules for Reservations
  1. Equipment will only be loaned to JMU Recognized Student Organizations.
  2. All equipment must be reserved 1 week prior to pick-up date.
  3. The reserving group is responsible for ensuring that equipment is operating properly.
  4. Equipment will be inspected when picked up and returned. Drop returns are not allowed.
  5. Equipment must be returned in the same condition as it was when picked up. Please notify us immediately if any equipment is accidentally damaged.
  6. Reservation will be cancelled if equipment is not picked up 24 hours after scheduled pick-up time. Three of these infractions will result in loss of equipment privileges for the rest of the semester/year depending on date.
  7. There will be a $25.00 per day fee for equipment not returned on time. Two instances will result in the group's loss of loan privileges for the rest of semester/year.

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