Madison Union is made up of Warren and Taylor Halls, in addition to Grafton-Stovall Theatre. Together, these three facilities serve as the center of extracurricular life for students at James Madison University.

Built in 1969, Warren Hall originally served as the only on-campus center for student life. The building housed a number of offices and student services, from student activities and dining halls to the currently existing post office. Warren Hall was renamed several times, with names including the Student Success and Service Center and the University Campus Center. Despite the name changes, the mission remained the same: provide resources for students in an environment that fosters community.

The addition of Grafton-Stovall Theatre and Taylor Hall (in 1979 and 1994, respectively) significantly increased the amount of space and resources available for the JMU community. The heart of these buildings is Taylor Down Under, a space designed by students, for students as a place to relax and hang out in the center of campus.

Today, Madison Union averages over 1.5 million visits per year, and functions as the administrative and operational home to a broad range of student services. Among the departments housed in the complex are:

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