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Rumble Down Under

Lights low, crowd stirring, mic checks and buzzing amps—it’s the night of JMU’s 5th annual battle of the bands, Rumble Down Under. UPB’s Spotlight Series team transforms TDU into a live music haven for…

All For One and One For All All For One and One For All

Imagine that you started off your afternoon with a free nacho bar, and ended it watching the Latin Dance Club sashay their way across the new Madison…

Got That Fever?

The date?  Thursday, February 19th.  The time?  10pm.  The place to be?  Bourbon Street, I mean Festival, for UPB’s Late Night Breakfast.   The Mardi Gras-themed extravaganza…

Your Own Brand of Leadership Your Own Brand of Leadership

Do you consider yourself a leader?  With the help of the 2nd Annual StrengthsFinders Leadership Conference, it was the Dux Center’s goal that every participant’s…

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JMU Post Office JMU Post Office

The JMU Post Office houses 5700 mailboxes for on-campus students. The post office is located in a central…

Club House Club House

The Club House, located in Taylor 202, is a student resource center, that supports the promotional needs of…


Designed by students for students, think of TDU as your own student playground.

JavaCity JavaCity

A coffeeshop in Taylor Down Under offering flavored coffees, espresso, smoothies, iced beverages, bagels, jumbo muffins, cakes, sparkling cold…

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