23 Madison Meditates @Taylor 400 or 402

Sponsored by MAD4U

23 Tea Time @Taylor Patio or Taylor 205

Sponsored by MAD4U

23 The Lego Movie @Grafton Stovall Theatre

Sponsored by University Program Board

23 Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit @Grafton Stovall Theatre

Sponsored by University Program Board

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The Future of UPB…is you! The Future of UPB…is you!

University Program Board (UPB)—the organization at the core of the many pivotal events at JMU, including the upcoming Juicy J concert and the eminent Late-Night…

Saturday Night Fever at MadiTHON Saturday Night Fever at MadiTHON

Instead of closing at 10pm on Saturday, March 29th, the party was just getting started in UREC’s main gym, as over 700 students literally danced…

Finding Superpowers at JMU Finding Superpowers at JMU

Excitement fills the morning air on Saturday, February 8th as students eagerly await JMU’s first ever Superpowers, Strengths, and Leadership Conference.  With Room 405 of…

Greek Organizations Awe with Helping Hands Greek Organizations Awe with Helping Hands

Every calendar year, JMU’s Fraternity and Sorority Life hosts the Excellence Awards to showcase Greek organizations of particular accomplishment. The Outstanding Philanthropic Event or Program…

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Office of the Registrar Office of the Registrar

The Office of the Registrar assists students with registration, course adjustment, transcript and diploma issuance, and graduation, among…

Zimride Zimride

Find rides to get where you need to go, or find passengers to make your trip easier. All…

Madison Union Operations Madison Union Operations

This department deals with the operation of all of the events and organizations inside of Madison Union. They…

Financial Aid & Scholarships Financial Aid & Scholarships

We assist with identifying and obtaining resources to finance higher education, deliver funds in a timely and equitable…

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