Apply to Participate!

Kijiji is a program – not a student club or organization. It is designed to help you become a Citizen of Influence, someone who makes a difference in the world because of two things:

  1. You know what you are passionate about; and
  2. You act on your passion.

It’s about giving you the tools, skills, and experiences you need to improve a community, give back, and make the world a better place to live. You will experience weekly program meetings, extra nights and weekends working on projects, and friendships and close relationships.

The Kijiji program will give you the opportunity to discover what you’re passionate about, or learn more deeply what you already know you’re passionate about. And, you’ll get to act on your passion by creating and implementing your own change action project, or join with another project that already exists which matches your passion.

To help us know if Kijiji can truly help you do that, this application will explain a little more about the Kijiji program and invite you to share with us how you feel about key program requirements and commitments that will be expected of you.

This application is a little different than most.

We are NOT looking for the super-high achievers. We do NOT want you to think you don’t have enough of the right kinds of experience or all the right titles or past involvement. We will NOT be looking for just the typical “cream of the crop” answers and profiles.

We actually LOVE students who have yet to find their niche on campus. We really do LOVE those who have tried to get into other organizations but have been rejected because there were too many other applicants, or you were sick the day of the interview, or whatever. We genuinely LOVE to read of the uncertainty and the insecurity, the hesitation and the anxiety that are just honest and real answers that come from the heart.

You’re human. We get that. So are we.

So please, be honest with us. Just be yourself and don’t worry about being “good enough to get accepted.”

It’s not about that.

If this sounds okay with you and you’d like us to consider you for participation in the program, then…

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