Citizens of Influence are influential precisely because they have connected what they are passionate about with what they are doing to change the world. So, in Kijiji we will give you a lot of opportunities to explore your past, talk about the experiences that have shaped your life, and identify those things that fuel the fire within your own heart and soul. All of that will give you the tools you need to choose the area, the cause, the people, or the issue that you want to change because you’ll know how passionate you are about it.

Of course, trying to positively impact society and bring about a change in the community is hard enough by itself, you certainly don’t want to compound your challenges by facing those things alone. So, you’ll want to connect with others who share your passion and feel the same you do. That’s why in Kijiji we’ll put you in a small group of students so you can work together. You’ll make close friends, maybe even become best friends, and develop strong relationships with other students in your Kijiji group. As a group you’ll collaborate on the types of things you want to do, the nature of the project you want to create and implement. You won’t have to “go it alone.” Kijiji will help you connect with others.

Finally, you’ll have the hands-on experience of connecting with people in the community. These will be people who are negatively impacted by the problem, cause, or issue you’re working on. There will be people who are professionally working on the same thing as you. And, it will be people who are volunteering to make a difference, just like you want to. Not everyone will be driven by the same motivation as you, but you will be able to connect with them, draw on their strengths to help push your project forward.

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