As you learn how to be the Leader of One – yourself – you’ll begin to explore more about the power of influence, the complexity of communication, and the strength of teamwork. Through weekly activities and discussions with your KSL and other students who are part of your small group, you’ll explore more about your values and beliefs which make up who you are and why you choose to do what you do. You’ll learn more about them and they’ll learn more about you.

Together you’ll discover what common issues, problems, challenges, or other things you share passion for and then you’ll dive into the process of sharing and collaborating to identify your group’s own, unique Change Action Project. We’ll provide the background, the support, and the resources you’ll need to help you create your own inspiring vision and give you the tools you need to make it happen.

As you experience real-life leadership, you’ll develop the skills and the abilities you need to change yourself and your world. You’ll learn the art and the science of persuasion, influence and leadership to identify problems, propose solutions, and then work together to realize your vision.

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