Alpha Sigma Phi

Alpha Sigma Phi has one purpose. To Better the Man.

Alpha Sigma Phi’s beginning at James Madison University is founded in fellowship, originating with a handful of friends banding together under the Cardinal and Stone banner to solidify their brotherhood. Our brotherhood. We faithfully observe the ethics of Alpha Sigma Phi, assisting and encouraging our brothers. We stand by the five values that populate our doctrine;

Silence, encouraging clarity of thought, protecting our secret Ritual
Honor, defending our integrity as men through action and leadership
Purity, that we may hold our personal Truth above the noise of society
Charity, to unite our neighbors under a common spirit
and Patriotism, the cause that bands every brother together

This Band of Brothers stands under the Phoenix, a reminder that no end is permanent.

Our brothers can be defined as gentlemen of high moral value with undaunted social acuity. All current and new members are considered “Founding Fathers” as we work towards growing our colony into a Chapter of Alpha Sigma Phi.

With numerous opportunities to meet peers, improve the Harrisonburg community, attend leadership conferences across the nation with thousands of brothers, and create a legacy that will last hundreds of years just as our Founders did in 1845, Alpha Sigma Phi stands to expand our foundation exponentially in the upcoming years.

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