Recruitment Process

FSLRecruitment Process

Sorority Recruitment

Sorority recruitment is formally structured process sponsored by the Panhellenic Association. Recruitment is a mutual selection process meaning that just as sororities have to choose new members, the participants have to decide which organization best reflects their values and wants for a collegiate Greek experience.

Sorority recruitment begins during the second week of the fall term. To avoid conflicts with classes, recruitment events are held in the evenings and on weekend days. During the first two days of recruitment, participants visit each chapter.  As the process progresses,  participants strive to find their fit within the Panhellenic community, while the chapters strive to determine who will best fit within their organizations as well. After the final round of recruitment, potential new members rank their choices and the sororities submit a preference list. To promote equity in the recruitment process, each sorority is permitted to pledge a maximum number of women, so a bid matching process determines which sorority each participant will join.

Updated Recruitment Rules will be available soon!

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Fraternity Recruitment:  Great Men Go Greek!

Fraternity Life is an exciting opportunity at James Madison University! Joining a Greek-lettered organization provides you with opportunities for leadership, community service, scholarship, friendship, and lifelong membership in a values-based organization. Fraternities select their members through a recruitment process, sometimes referred to as “rush.” Recruitment is a way for prospective new members to visit and learn about the Greek organizations on campus. By University and council policies, the recruitment process is alcohol-free.

To join students must be regularly enrolled in classes at James Madison University and are required to be in good academic standing (not on academic probation). Individual organizations have minimum grade point average requirements, ranging from a 2.0 to 2.5 cumulative college grade point average for continuing or transfer students, or a high school cumulative grade point average of 2.60 to 2.80 for new freshmen. You will be asked to sign a GPA waiver form for those chapters you are interested in, so that the chapter may ensure that you meet their academic requirements.

Recruitment Process

Fraternity recruitment occurs for two weeks at the beginning of every semester in a semi-structured format.  The Interfraternity Council sponsors an Information Night to kick off recruitment, and then men interested in joining a fraternity attend a variety of functions at individual fraternity houses.  Bids are extended at the end of those two weeks.  Recruitment schedules for each individual organization will be posted on this website as they are received – you are also encouraged to contact a fraternity directly for more information about that organization’s recruitment schedule.