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  1. All facilities must be properly reserved in advance before use. Reservation requests with less than two weeks notice will only be considered on a case-by-case basis.
  2. Completed paper work must be returned at least two weeks prior to the reservation date.
  3. Cancellations not made at least 24 hours prior to the event will incur a $25 non-cancellation fee.
  4. All events must end at such a time as to accommodate closing of the facility at the conclusion of normal operating hours. Tear down of equipment and clean-up must be complete by this time. Failure to vacate the facility by closing time will incur a $50 fine and a per hour fee for any portion of the event outside of normal hours of operation. Non-adherence to this regulation may prevent future use of the facility.
  5. Aramark, Inc. has exclusive rights to provide food and beverages on campus. Arrangements associated with food and beverages for all events must be coordinated through the Special Events Catering office - (540) 568-6637.
  6. Open flames, including candles, are prohibited in these facilities.
  7. The possession of alcohol is prohibited in these facilities.
  8. The use of tape is prohibited on all surfaces. Sign holders are available upon request. No posters or banners may be placed in common areas.
  9. Exits are to be open and clear at ALL times. No tables are to be set across exit door for any reason. Aisles are to remain clear at all times.
  10. A reserved space is to be returned to its original condition before leaving.
  11. Damages to any facility or equipment contained in the facility during an event will be charged to the sponsoring organization.
  12. The sponsoring organization of an event is responsible for the actions of all guests and participants, as well as ensuring that the maximum room occupancy is not exceeded (capacities are posted in all areas).
  13. The sponsoring organization is responsible for contacting campus police at (540) 568-6913 four weeks prior to the event in order for cadets to be scheduled is the event is a concert, dance, performance or is expected to reach a maximum capacity crowd.
  14. Any problems or incidents encountered during the event must be reported immediately to the Event Services Office (Festival Room 2010 or (540) 568-1715) or the Building Manager Cell Phone (540) 820-6454.
  15. Common areas of these facilities are to remain open to the public.
  16. In the event that damages are sustained or policies are not followed, the function may be terminated immediately and future requests for reservations of facilities may be denied.
  17. Any excess trash is to be picked up and bagged and disposed of in the facility dumpster. Spills must be cleaned up immediately. Glitter, sand and confetti are prohibited. Any facility area requiring more than normal time to clean after an event will be billed to the sponsoring organization at a rate of $40 per man hour.
  18. Festival Conference & Student Center is not be responsible for the theft or damage to any items left in these facilities.
  19. Violations of University and/or Facility Policy, State and/or Federal law may result in loss of reservation privileges.
  20. If the university is closed for any reason, all scheduled events will be cancelled unless otherwise approved.