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Charles Lisanby Center

The Charles Lisanby Center is the home for the permanent art and cultural collection of James Madison University. Located on the first floor of the Festival Conference and Student Center, the collection consists of over 3,000 objects from cultures all over the world. Objects in the collection have been given to the university by both faculty and community members. The Charles Lisanby Center is closed to the public, but objects may be viewed by contacting the director, Dr. Kathryn Stevens (stevenke@jmu.edu or 540-568-6934).

Charles Lisanby Center

The Lisanby Museum

Located in the lower level of the Festival Conference and Student Center, The Lisanby Museum houses rotating exhibits drawn from the Madison Art Collection. This coffee friendly gallery welcomes the casual visitor to purchase their favorite brew from the nearby Java City Coffee Bar and enjoy it while enjoying works from around the world. The Lisanby Museum is open during the normal semesters Monday-Friday from 9am-4pm and may be reserved after hours by contacting the Festival scheduling coordinator at 540-568-1716.