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Festival Operations


The Festival Conference & Student Center is operated by two groups that work closely together - Festival Scheduling and Festival Event Services. Festival Scheduling handles all requests for space in the Festival, on the Festival Lawn and Patio, in Higgs Grove, and in ISAT/HHS for student organization events. The Event Planning Schedulers List provides a complete listing of schedulers across campus.

Once space is scheduled and all necessary paperwork is turned in, the Event Services staff provides access to the room, accomplishes all setups, and provides support during the event.


Event Support

Many customers come to us with an event or meeting already planned; we just help support the event by providing tables, chairs, flipcharts, easels, A/V for presentations, microphones, etc. For other events of greater complexity we provide event consultation to assist the event organizer with planning their event. Either way, in addition to the facilities and equipment we also provide great customer service!


Most rooms in the Festival are available in a variety of setup configurations. While these configurations will meet the needs of most events, our Event Services Coordinator will be happy to create a customized setup for your event.


The Festival Building Policies are intended to provide our guests with a frame of reference for building usage and to help facilitate successful events.


Reservations in the Festival Conference & Student Center come with equipment currently in the Festival inventory. Please contact Bob Davis at davisrd@jmu.edu or (540) 568-1715 for equipment needs or questions.