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April 29th, 2014

Juicy J Turns Up Convo

Eager students crowded Convo on Thursday, the 24th, for the Spring Concert performances by Juicy J and Sage the Gemini. Doors opened at 7:00pm, and students swarmed—eager to claim a good spot in the pit or stands for the 8:00 start time.

500 tickets were still available when the doors opened—a number that continued to dwindle as show time approached. “We’re happy with the amount of tickets we’ve sold and are still being sold,” said Alejandra Buitrago, a SMAD major concentrating in Digital Video and Cinema and also the Public Relations Director for UPB, “Quite a bit of people were coming to the door.”

It took about two to three months to organize the event, the entire process beginning with the survey students received at the beginning of the year asking about music preferences for UPB’s concert series, including the big Spring Concert. “Most people voted that they wanted a hip-hop artist at convo,” explained Buitrago, “so we were in that genre and we picked one that would have a good pull.”

The performers’ crews got lost on their way to Harrisonburg, and it was evident in Sage’s opening performance. “There were a lot of technical difficulties, he performed in sweat pants, and he replayed his most popular song ‘Red Nose’ twice,” said Kate Robinson, a junior Kinesiology major.

Sage swiftly rallied the audience, however, with his hit songs "Gas Pedal” and “Red Nose”, repeating them and milking them for what they were worth, but winning the crowd all the same. “It seemed like it got off on a rocky start, but towards the end it got better,” said Carolyn Tran, a senior Psychology major.

Following Sage’s opening performance, screaming fans welcomed Juicy J to the stage. Along with performing his popular parts in ‘Dark Horse’ and ‘23’, he threw back with songs from his time with Three 6 Mafia, clearly pleasing the crowd of 90’s kids. “I loved the Three 6 Mafia throwbacks,” said Christine Choi, a junior Intelligence Analysis major, “We were singing along to “Stay Fly” just like we did when we were what, 12?”

Out-of-towners were also attracted to the concert. Alfredo Austin, a Delaware Native, is a member of the 5-piece vocal group, The Exchange. The group was formed in Los Angeles during the NBC show, The Sing Off, hosted by Nick Lachey. “We just got off this 32 city tour opening for the Backstreet Boys,” explained Austin. “We had a performance at another college and didn’t even know he was performing here tonight, but, we heard about and were like, we got the day off tomorrow lets go check out the concert.”

For future concerts, UPB is changing the way tickets will be purchased. “That will be the last camp out we’ll ever have,” said Buitrago. “Next year, we’re starting an online system like how we sell football tickets, so everyone will be buying them online.”

Sorry camp-out veterans, but no more sleeping on the Warren patio. You all went out with a bang though! “The people in the pit,” explained Buitrago, “that was all camp out, so they’re going to be real happy tonight.”

Interested on keeping up with UPB’s events and concerts? Check out their website, and make sure to do the survey at the beginning of the year to put in your vote for the next Spring Concert!