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December 4th, 2013

Photo Contest Reveal During Study Unions

For the December shows, Madison Union Galleries decided on a different approach.  Instead of featuring only photographs from a single artist, they held a contest and invited the JMU student body to submit pictures related to two themes: 'Who Are You?' and 'My Favorite Things: Toys and More!'

 Students could submit up to 12 photographs for each theme. From the hundreds of submissions, the team narrowed it down to 120 finalists: eighty-four photographs for "Who Are You" and thirty-six photos for "My Favorite Things." The finalists were posted on Flickr and Facebook.  Then, the contest began.

For one week in November, people could vote by 'liking' the photographs on Facebook.  The engagement was more than anyone could have anticipated.  Over 3,500 votes were cast by the nearly 15,000 people who saw mention of the contest on Facebook.  In the end, the votes were tallied, and the winners were announced.  A total of forty-two photographs were selected for the 'Who Are You?' theme and eighteen were selected for 'My Favorite Things.'

All the winning photographs are currently on display in Madison Union. Take a break during your finals studying to view the 'My Favorite Things: Toys and More!' show in TDU and the show 'Who Are You?' in Transitions and Warren Nook. Madison Union Galleries will host an opening for each theme show the weekend before finals week.  Come to the opening to meet the artists and enjoy the photography.  Food and refreshments will be provided at each event.

'My Favorite Things: Toys and More!' in TDU on Friday, December 6 from 4:00 pm - 5:30 pm.

'Who Are You' in Transitions on Sunday, December 8 from 4:00 - 6:00 pm.

On top of the photography and gallery openings, University Unions has more to offer for stress relief during finals season: Study Unions. This end-of-semester tradition runs from Sunday, December 8th through Thursday, December 12th.  All of the buildings (Warren Hall, Taylor Hall and Festival) will be open 24 hours a day. Each location will feature good-humored videos, massage therapists, putt-putt golf, free food, and quiet study group rooms. TDU Java City will also be open all night. Treat yourself to a 20-minute getaway from studying - you earned it!