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April 3rd, 2013

University Unions Recognitions - March 2013

University Unions would like to recognize our hard working and dedicated employees. For the month of March, the following people received a shout out from their colleagues:

A Shout Out to Sean Maher

“Sean did so much work to make the OCL website student-friendly! He really thought about what kinds of questions students would have, the right kind of language to use so the information makes sense to them, and how to organize everything so it would be easy to navigate. Nice work, Sean!”

     - From Annette Liskey

A Shout Out to Raymond Brown

“He is a really encouraging individual. Whenever I need to talk about school or life, he is available and full of wisdom. He is a great encouragement to all.”

     - From CJ

A Shout Out to Debbie Kauffman and Katie Ramella

No matter how busy the scheduling world gets, they always go above and beyond to provide excellent customer service! Keep smiling, ladies!”

     - From Dianne Brown

A Shout Out to Anna Lehnen

“Anna's work ethic and positive attitude through the busy weeks has been awesome. Keep of the great work colleague. Frita has a great mom. (Anna's New Dog).”

     - From Raymond Brown

A Shout Out to Molly Robinson

“I'd like to recognize Molly for her leadership within Technology and Design. She is a very driven, smart, and talented woman who helps enhance the inviting feeling our office provides.”

     - From Evan White

A Shout Out to Sue Burket and Megan Driver

“Both of these women have worked tirelessly to get the new scheduling system up and running. They always respond quickly to the questions and issues we have had. They are a great example of the JMU Altogether One idea.”
     - From Debbie Kauffman 

A Shout Out to Katie Ramella and Dianne Brown

“Katie and Dianne have been wonderful in picking up the slack in our office during the past month when I have been out of the office dealing with family issues. They are awesome office mates!”

     - From Debbie Kauffman

A Shout Out to Frank Ameka

“The day you brought all of those tacos for us was probably the best day of my entire semester! Thanks for always being so generous and sharing the good stuff!”
     - From Candace Avalos

A Shout Out to Shae, Jeremy, Ritter, Lisa, Dawn, and Shari

“For carrying on the ASB magic.  Sorry you missed the snow storm of 2013 but thanks for giving up your break and helping so many students have an awesome time making a difference.”

     - From Anonymous