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March 27th, 2013

A Scientific Late Night Breakfast

Watching UPB set up for this month’s event was more fascinating than usual. In rolled an Oxygen Bar, slime supplies, and poster cut outs of beakers and chemistry symbols—all for the Bill Nye themed Late Night Breakfast last Thursday, the 21st.

Attendees migrated amongst the Oxygen Bar (where bubbled oxygen with various flavors is breathed in through tubes), make your own slime booth, and lava in a cup station as DJ Plattinum set the atmosphere as DJ for the event. The classic spray-on tattoos were also available. “The food is the start of our night, but after that, we’re going to check out the booths. We really want to see what the Oxygen Bar is all about,” explained Junior Geology major Kim Mervine.

While the crowd might not have been as large as usual, the event attracted a particular group of students that fondly remember “Bill Nye the Science Guy.”  When asked about their reasons for attending, one group agreed with Freshman Physics major Chase Garnett when he said, “We are all Physics majors, so we love science, and we remember Bill Nye from our childhood.”

JMU Women’s Club Swim team volunteered at the event, handing out desserts at a table that attendees stopped at after picking up their breakfast food. “This is the second time we’ve volunteered at a Late Night Breakfast. We have fun, and by volunteering we earn points which allow us to go to swim meets,” said Kelly King, Freshman English major and member of JMU’s Club Swim team.

Mark your calendar for the next Late Night Breakfast coming Thursday, April 18th with a Superhero theme!