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March 18th, 2013

Inaugural Ball 2013

On Thursday, March 7th, University Program Board welcomed well-dressed guests to their Inaugural Ball. Festival Ballroom was decorated with a luscious atmosphere of purple lighting, drapery, and various plants provided by University Events. Five acapella groups—the Madison Project, Exit 245, Low Key, Bluestones, and Note-oriety—all offered various serenades for President Jonathan Alger and the JMU community that enhanced this romantic scenery.

Upon checking in and receiving free JMU headphones, groups of friends sat at tables to enjoy the acapella performances and an inspiring speech by Dr. Mark Warner, who spoke of his love for the JMU community and his excitement in welcoming in President Alger.

Attendees flocked to the scrumptious appetizers of chicken wings, macaroni and cheese squares, cheese stuffed mushrooms, mini cheese and chicken salad sandwiches, and enjoyed the sugary sweets of cookies, lemonade, and ice tea. When students felt energized, they joined DJ Plattinum at the dance floor in the middle of the room and danced.

Freshmen Jamie Mulligan and Ashley Irvin loved the idea of the event. They particularly enjoyed “dress watching,” the macaroni and cheese squares, and seeing their friends perform. Ashley noted, “I’m just excited. It’s our freshmen year, and it’s an awesome week. I’m excited we get to be a part of it.”

UPB’s Director of Special Events, Matt Schoner, has high hopes for a ball occurring annually during Madison week each year, so if you missed out on the fun this year keep an eye out for the possibility of a ball next spring semester. Also, look out for Jamie and Ashley on Tuesday’s Open Mic Night (March 19, 2013), where they’ll be performing.

If you attended the inaugural ball and had your picture taken, you can find the photograph on the University Unions Flickr photostream.