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March 15th, 2013

University Unions Recognitions - February 2013

University Unions would like to recognize our hard working and dedicated employees. For the month of February, the following people received a shout out from their colleagues:

A Shout Out to the Events Staff

“For all of their help and work with new system online launch for Select events! Also for their patience with SGA and MYMOM learning all of the ins and outs!”

     - From Kristin Muncy 

A Shout Out to Raymond Brown, Shauna Prentice and Nick

“For the most successful LeadershipU event ever! Great teamwork and thank you for providing an such a powerful experience for our students!”

     - From Kristin Muncy

A Shout Out to Deanna Carter, Debbie Miller and Megan Driver

“All three of these women worked tirelessly to help me with Select and Pre-Select Requests! Even when I missed an important element or got confused, they were patient and helpful to make sure I got the reservations I needed. Thanks!”

     - From Anna Lehnen 

A Shout Out to Adam Lindberg

“For doing an amazing job in this interim position in FSL.  He is working tirelessly to learn a new set of responsibilities and handled a difficult situation last week beautifully!”

     - From Kristin Muncy

A Shout Out to Raymond Brown

“The time Raymond is putting into developing the Outriggers is unbelievable. The group has come so far this, year and he has provided the perfect amount of challenge and support to help this happen!”

     - From Kristin Muncy

A Shout Out to Mary Lynne Smith

“She's always so helpful, gives solid advice, makes great conversation, and overall adds a special spark to the OSAI office. I have known her since I started my career at JMU back in 2006 and I am sad to see her retire, but so thankful and blessed to have worked with her!”

     - From Candace Avalos 

A Shout Out to Anna Lehnen

“For an incredibly successful 'first ever' all UPB Retreat and a great assessment project underway! For loving coffee and for her positive attitude through this busy time of UPB interviews!”

     - From Kristin Muncy

A Shout Out to Shari Scofield

“Shari continues to do an amazing job of supporting her student staff and encouraging new and creative program development.  The annual For Love dance was awesome!”

     - From Kristin Muncy

A Shout Out to Ritter Clevenger

“Ritter steps easily into helpful roles with a variety of University Union offices and makes it look effortless. Madison 4U no sooner mentioned interest in an on-line sign-up process for our Open Mic Night in TDU, then presto voila, Ritter makes it so. We are very grateful for his support for Union programming in TDU. He is a joy to work with and supports us consistently. Thanks Ritt!”

     - From Shari Scofield

A Shout Out to Mary Lynne Smith

“Because she is the best office manager and most amazing mom/grandmother/sister/daughter. We will miss her so much and I am so grateful for all she has taught me.”

     - From Kristin Muncy

A Shout Out to Annette Liskey

“For all of her awesome help and patience with the SGA website! Also for always being willing to answer questions and help out!”

     - From Kristin Muncy

A Shout Out to Bob Davis

“Bob helped to ensure that the OCL move went smoothly!”

     - From Lisa Mathews-Ailsworth

A Shout Out to Caitlin Landes

“She spent two days listening to my voice over and over and over when she was finalizing the Select Event Training Video. I'm surprised she didn't have nightmares of me following her and explaining how to submit a select event request!”

     - From Sue Burket

A Shout Out to Annette Liskey

“Annette is awesome because she provides excellent customer service to her colleagues of UU as well as students!”

     - From Bonnie Swank Powell