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February 7th, 2013

Pinterest Party Gets ‘Re-Pinned’

Students crowded into TDU for the first ever Pinterest party hosted by UPB last Wednesday, January 30th at 8:00 pm. Tables were lined up and filled with supplies for attendees to make the crafts pinned on their ‘Arts and Crafts’ boards on Pinterest.

For those of you not on the Pinterest bandwagon—it’s a photo-sharing website, similar to Tumblr, except users create theme-based ‘pin boards’ where they can ‘re-pin’ images  they like and look at other user’s pin boards for inspiration. The pin boards reflect the user’s interests and hobbies, a popular one of which is ‘arts and crafts’ themed.

With a large attendance, it was rare to find an open chair. “Within the first 15 minutes we’ve received over 100 people,” said Abby Watson, the Special Events Director for UPB and junior Social Work major. “We’re very happy with that, we were expecting about 100 people within the first hour so it’s been a huge success so far.”

Crafts like dream catchers, key chains, t-shirt scarves, nail painting and the extremely popular glitter jar— made with mason jars— were scattered throughout TDU. About thirty minutes in, Watson had this to say about keeping up with the attendees— “We’re doing pretty good on supplies, but since mason jars are a hot commodity right now, we’re running out of those.”

A buffet table with refreshments was also available to attendees, who frequently munched on cookies and sipped hot chocolate while waiting for a seat to open. Freshman IDLS major Alexa Scott, while taking a break at the refreshments table, said “I have over one hundred different pins on my crafts board so this event is perfect for me. It’s cool to come here and do the crafts I’ve pinned on Pinterest.”

The event was a huge success and, to UPB’s pleasant surprise, ended up garnering more interest from students than they expected. “We were brainstorming and one of the committee members thought it would be fun.” said Watson. “It’s also the first time we’ve ever done an event of this kind and it’s definitely not out of the picture in the future.”