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September 17th, 2012

Oregon Trail Late Night Breakfast

The 2,000-mile Oregon Trail was recreated Thursday night in Festival for the monthly Late Night Breakfast hosted by UPB. The event lasted from 10-12pm with students coming and going throughout the two-hour time period.

“I’ve been to a lot of these before and I think they’re great!” said Junior Hospitality Management Major Christina Vasiloff. “They do a good job going along with the themes.

Accompanying the Oregon Trail theme were a mechanical bull, inflatable obstacle course, games with prizes, and music. At each game station stamps were given to those playing who were in turn awarded prizes. The more stamps collected, the better the prizes. The most popular prize was a cowboy boot shaped drinking glass.

Attendees were provided with a variety of music to listen to. In the ballroom UPB featured a new and upcoming band, “Many Nights Ahead,” a six-person band with an old-timey country sound. In the downstairs dining areas DJ Plattinum played popular, top 40 music.

What really made the night, however, was a group of cowboy’s making an appearance. Dressed in denim pants and shirts, this group of students appeared to have emerged straight from the trail. “It’s a hard life,” remarked Cowboy and Senior Dietetics major Ben Fleming. “But you got your boys backing you up and it makes the trail a lot easier.”

It was a memorable night filled with free food, an original band and DJ, games, and prizes, complete with in-character students. Don’t miss out on the next Late Night Breakfast featuring a Homecoming theme on October 25th from 10-12pm in Ehall.