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October 26th, 2012

ACUI Conference 2010 A Groundbreaking Success

After a year of meticulous planning, the 2010 Region 5 Conference went off without a hitch. Over 130 guests, including a record-breaking 60 students, attended this year’s conference, held in The Festival Conference Center and Madison Union- the “heart and soul” of James Madison University.

Inspired by this year’s theme of ‘Alternate Routes,’ JMU’s planning committee incorporated several new and innovative activities into the conference; a Student Hostel that housed over 21 students, a multi-university Share Fair, real-time reports of the sessions via Twitter, and the decision to use Open Space Technologies as the format for the information sessions.

While most were enthusiastic about the format of the sessions, it seemed that the visiting students were the most receptive. “I had no idea what to expect [from Open Space Technologies] coming into this, but I like how the flexible schedule lets us focus on our own interests and what we want to do,” said Suzanne Bell, a sophomore from Elon University. 

Also included in the conference were Keynote Speeches by Mayor Kai Degner, Dr. Mark Warner, and Sarah Everett; a business meeting that included Membership and Financial Reports; and late-night entertainment with ACUI After Dark. At the end of the conference, promotional videos were unveiled for ACUI’s National Conference in Chicago and UNC-Charlotte’s Region 5 Conference in October 2011.

Special thanks to Director Dave Barnes, Conference Chair Derek Dye, and the rest of the JMU planning committee for an amazing 2010 conference.