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Ahna Turley

Ahna Turley is one of the most pleasant people you could talk to on the JMU campus. Her genuine engagement in conversation and openness about her life is sensational.  A senior Health Sciences major, Turley is a Student Ambassador, MC (Master of Ceremonies) of JMU’s Campus Crusades for Christ, and MAD4U employee.

Turley is from Owings, Maryland, and enjoys sharing the same school with her younger brother who is a sophomore at JMU. She is to graduate on-time in May, and through her years at JMU, she’s switched her major a few times. Though change is an obvious theme of Turley’s college career, she doesn’t seem to regret a single part of her experience.

“If you had told me my freshman year that I was going to be an MC at Cru, I wouldn’t have believed you.” Having been involved in a bible study small group through Cru since her sophomore year, the organization seems to be a very special part of her life. “I found Cru sophomore year….or it found me.” Turley explained that a lot of her best friends have come from Cru, a few of whom are also Student Ambassadors. Her MC leadership position consists of standing in front of a large group of about 300 every Thursday with Blake Lam, fellow MC and Technology and Design employee. The pair’s job is to “break the ice” with jokes and conversation and to present the night’s speaker.

Turley was introduced to the Mad4U program by a friend and began her employment in the organization her junior year. She’s played a vital part of developing Creative Madison, a program that allows students to experience arts and crafts on Saturday nights.

“I’ve never been an art major, but I’ve always enjoyed it. I’m an art person.” Turley thinks the reason she developed a zest for arts and crafts is because of her mom, who always had a project going while Turley grew up. She has fond memories of her mom painting, cake decorating, and sewing.

Creative Madison, which has grown from a couple to twenty plus attendees in recent weeks, has been a booming success. Turley is proud of the progress Creative Madison has made, and thinks an attribute of its achievement has been the program’s attentiveness to student’s interests. The program has experimented with different activities, where Mad4U has brought in a specialist in the field to teach attendees the art of the trade, so to speak.  Some of the activities have included tie-dye, drawing, clay sculpture, and a watercolor series.

Throughout her senior year, Turley has enjoyed doing service work through both Student Ambassadors and Cru. Over winter break she participated in a service work associated with an organization, Passion, which works with at-risk young women in Atlanta, Georgia. Though Turley doesn’t know exactly what career she will choose after graduation, she knows that she wants a job that involves helping others in the future.


Written by  

Molly Robinson

Fun Facts

Favorite Dessert? Homemade Key Lime Pie
Favorite Movie? Tangled, Walk the Line, or Water for Elephants
Favorite Hobby? Being outside, exploring, and baking
Funny Quirks? Can't get through telling a joke without laughing