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Publicize Your Event

Club & Organization Mailbox Stuffing

Club & organization mailbox stuffing is an easy way to reach every recognized Student Organization on campus. The mailboxes are convenient and easy to find. Student Activities & Involvement allows JMU community members to “stuff” mailboxes with flyers or letters about JMU related events and activities. There are 200 mailboxes located in Madison Union. Hours of operation are generally from 8am-midnight during the school year but vary around university holidays and in the summer.


Go to the Student Activities & Involvement Office, Madison Union 320 to get your flyer approved.


It’s best to stuff a week or two before your event because not all organizations check the box every day.

CONTACT: Student Activities & Involvement, 568-8157.


Grafton-Stovall Movie Slides

The University Program Board runs a slide show before movies in Grafton-Stovall Theatre. This type of advertisement is extremely successful because people in the theater have no choice but to look at the pictures on the screen. In addition, the advertisements always look extremely professional, thereby increasing the viability of the event you are promoting. Ads run Wednesday through Saturday.


You can either create a slide yourself or have UPB create the slide. E-mail the slide as an attachement to the UPB Director of Film (e-mail available on the UPB website). The ad must be a .jpg or .gif image that is 1024 pixels wide x 768 pixels high. If you want UPB to design the advertisement, there is a charge of $75. The cost of having an ad run weekly is $25, monthly rate is $75, semester rate is $200.


Contact UPB at least one week before you want the advertisement shown in Grafton-Stovall. UPB screens movies Wednesday through Saturday night and special movies on special Sundays.

CONTACT: University Program Board Director of Film

Post Office Mailbox Stuffing

One of the few ways to personally get the word out to a vast amount of people is to put advertisements in mailboxes of on-campus students. The JMU Post Office lets student organizations “stuff” mailboxes with fliers or letters Monday – Friday, 8:30am-10:00am or 2pm-4pm.


Go to the JMU Post Office and secure a time to stuff the mailboxes. Postal Services lets students stuff for 2 hour blocks in the morning and afternoon. Groups should go to the back door of the post office in Warren Hall at their reserved time with the material they are going to put in the boxes. Keep in mind there are 5800 boxes and 5900 students that live on campus! A maximum of three students may stuff mailboxes at any one time.


Contact JMU Postal Services at least a week before you plan to stuff mailboxes, as other student groups also reserve times.

CONTACT:Tina Custer, 568-7869 or Barbara Meadows, 568-6042 or email:

Posted Flyers

Flyers are the traditional tool of advertisement at JMU. The University has provided general purpose bulletin boards for flyers all over campus. From the lobbies of Madison Union to the new Student Success Center to the back hallways of Harrison, there are places everywhere that Student Organizations or Departments can post flyers.

Since hanging flyers is so popular, it is necessary that your flyer is attractive and noticeable. Use big bold letters, eye-catching pictures and color if possible. Avoid including too many words on the flyer. Keep in mind that a student is going to glance at the poster for less than a second before looking elsewhere as he or she walks down the hall, so the poster must grab attention! Unfortunately, too often the flyers all become a mess on the boards and no one looks at them. The cost of 100 flyers and the time it takes to hang them are often unjustifiable.


Please read the University Posting Policy prior to creating your poster/flyer.

Create your flyer following University Guidelines. Once your flyer is finished, make up to 101 copies (the information desk always takes one for records) and take them to any of the following locations to be stamped: Festival Scheduling Office, Room 2001, T.D.U. Information Desk and Madison Union Event Services Desk. EACH POSTER MUST HAVE A STAMP or it will be removed! If a club breaks too many posting rules, they could be barred from posting and other publicity/advertising formats. After all flyers are stamped, hang them all over campus on approved posting boards. Take along a stapler, thumb tacks and a few volunteers to hang the flyers up.


Flyers and posters need a stamp from any of the 3 information desks. Flyers can be hung for two weeks.

CONTACT: Festival Scheduling Office, Room 2001, T.D.U. Information Desk or Madison Union Event Services Desk

The Club House

The Club House, located in Madison Union (behind Room 206), is a part of The Office of Student Activities & Involvement and is a centrally located resource center that supports organizational development and promotional needs of all recognized student organizations at JMU. All recognized student organizations may use the Club House for free!! Non-recognized student organizations (offices, etc) may pay to use the Club House on a semester basis. Please check out the Club House website for more information.

Madison Union Digital Advertising

The digital signs are located by the Madison Union Event Services Desk (2nd floor) and in T.D.U. They can be used to advertise Student Organizations or Departmental events taking place in Madison Union or Festival Conference & Student Center. Please read the guidelines included with the form before submitting your advertisement. To access the request form, click here.


Request form and digital file must be submitted at least 5 business days before advertisement needs to run.

CONTACT: Dillon McPherson, Event Management

The Breeze

The JMU campus newspaper, The Breeze, is an excellent way to advertise to students, faculty & staff.

Potty Mouth

“Potty Mouth” is a newsletter written by students enrolled in the HTH 389 practicum class.

It is published bi-monthly and distributed to bathroom stalls around the JMU campus.

The newsletter serves to educate students on the different dimensions of wellness, increase their interest in various health topics, and amplify their interest in living an overall healthy lifestyle.

For additional information or interest in the class, please contact Lesley Eicher


Student Organizations and Departments can hang banners in the Festival (10’x3′), Outdoors on the Commons Hill (8’x3′), T.D.U. (3’x5′) and in Madison Union (6’x3′). For more information, see Banners under Scheduling Processes.


There are five locations that can be “chalked” by Student Organizations or Departments to advertise campus events. For more information, see Chalking under Scheduling Processes.

Info Tables

There are information tables available in academic buildings, as well as Madison Union that Student Organizations or Departments can reserve to publicize your event. For more information, see Information Table under Scheduling Processes.

Outdoor Advertising Signholders

Student Organizations and Departments can reserve an Outdoor Advertising Signholder to be placed on either side of the TDU Patio to advertise events. For more information, see Outdoor Advertising Signholders under Scheduling Processes.

Table Tents

Student Organizations and Departments can advertise on Table Tents in the Dining Halls as well as Taylor Down Under. For more information, see Table Tents under Scheduling Processes.

Calendar Promotion

Events are pulled into the Calendar from the campus wide scheduling software. Calendar Managers curate the events and make sure they are displayed on the appropriate calendar. The information you enter when making the reservation will be displayed for each event. If you have additional questions about the Calendar, please contact Dillon McPherson or one of the Calendar Managers listed at the bottom of the page.