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Cash Handling Policy

The Treasurer of any Student Organization is required to meet with the Associate Director for Finance, University Unions at the beginning of the Academic year or before the Organization’s first event involving money to complete the Cash Handling Form. This form must have the Treasurer’s signature, Assistant Director for Finance’s signature and will apply to all events where cash is handled during the Academic Year. Set up an appointment with Paula Lam by emailing

If the Treasurer is unable to have the Cash Handling Form signed before the first event, the Nuts & Bolts representative must meet with Paula Lam and have her sign the Event Approval Form. This form must be completed for every event with cash handled until the Organization Treasurer completes the form. If the position of Treasurer changes during the Academic year, a new Cash Handling Form must be completed.

The completed and signed Cash Handling Form is due to Madison Union Scheduling TWO weeks before the event date. If other forms are required, i.e. JMU Event Approval Form or Outdoor Event Approval Addendum, they must also be turned in to the appropriate scheduling office TWO weeks before the event date. If the discussion and signature approval on the Cash Handling Form and/or JMU Event Approval Form has not taken place prior to the due date for paperwork, the event will be CANCELLED.

Contractual Agreements

An authorized designee of the University must sign any legally contractual agreement between a student organization and an off campus entity (i.e. speaker, performer, etc). Do not sign anything without this authorization. This process may take up to 3 business days. If you have questions concerning contractual agreements, contact Madison Union Scheduling and they will direct you to the proper University official.

Film Policy

Any copyrighted film (VHS, DVD, etc.) in any university facilities, other than a private residence hall room, cannot be shown unless a license to show the film is obtained or special permission from the owner of the copyright is received. This requirement is mandatory regardless whether or not an admittance fee is charged.

Licensing can be obtained from Swank Motion Pictures at 1-800-876-3344. Currently licenses range from $300-$1000 per title. At least two weeks notice should be given to obtain a license. For more information, click here.

A copy of the license or permission letter must be received prior to the scheduled event and submitted to the appropriate scheduling office.

The only exception to this requirement is if a member of the faculty is using the film in the context of classroom instruction.

Food Policy

JMU, through contract with ARAMARK Corporation, maintains exclusive right to provide food service on all university property.

Off Campus Speakers Policy

If your event will have an Off Campus Speaker, you will need to complete the JMU Event Approval Form. Madison Union or Festival Scheduling Office will notify the appropriate University officials if the event is open to the public. If you plan to have a press conference, please notify the Director of Media Relations. If you have security needs, please contact the Director of Public Safety.

Open Burn Policy

Any open or exposed flame such as bonfires, candles, grills, etc. here to known as open burns on state property require approval at the JMU Vice President level or higher. This burn policy does not apply to the “built-in” grills at URec, Chandler Courtyard or village volleyball/basketball area.

Scheduled start times for open burns must be observed or the event will be canceled; with a maximum variation of one hour for inclement weather being the only exception.

Failure to follow these requirements or follow proper safety precautions may result in cancellation of the event. The State Fire Marshal’s office reserves the right to cancel any open burn without notice.

Please contact the JMU Safety Office, Tony Brown,, USB 102, 568-6765 at least thirty days prior to the event. You will also need to complete the Open Burn Requirement Form.

Outdoor Sound Policy

Amplified sound is only allowed as follows except for approved major university events.

Approved Locations:

Athletic Fields/Facilities, Commons, Festival Amphitheater, Festival Lawn and Hillside Field

Approved Times:
Monday – Thursday: 12pm-1pm; 5pm-6pm
Friday: 12pm-1pm; 5pm-11pm
Saturday – Sunday: 8am-11pm

Posting Policy

The JMU Posting Policy must be adhered to when hanging posters or flyers on campus. Please click here to read this policy before printing posters to make sure all guidelines have been met. No flyers are ever to be put onto car windshields.

Posters and flyers MUST be stamped before they can be hung around campus. Posters should be taken to one of the information desks listed below to be stamped. Posters advertising an event can be hung ONLY on general-purpose bulletin boards. These bulletin boards are located in academic buildings, Carrier Library, Festival Conference & Student Center, Madison Union, Residence Halls, Student Success Center (1st floor only) and the breezeway of Wilson Hall.

  • Festival Info Desk – (540)568-6071
  • Taylor Down Under Info Desk – (540)568-7853
  • Madison Union Info Desk – (540)568-5555

Non-profit organizations that wish to post on campus must submit proof of Non-Profit status (a 501(C)3 letter with federal ID number).

Bands that would like to post should register with the JMU Event Management office located in Madison Union, Suite 102.

Resources for Info Desk Staff.

For additional information, refer to the following information listed in the Student Handbook:

  • Noncompliance with an Official Request (J21-100)
  • Soliciting, Petitioning, Selling, Surveying, and Publicizing (J36-100)
  • Use of Bulletin Boards and Posting Public Notices (Policy 3104)

Public Safety Signature Approval Policy

Certain events REQUIRE a meeting with Public Safety to discuss event specifics and obtain approval signatures. This meeting should take place shortly after you book your space in order for Public Safety to prepare for your event. Waiting until 2 weeks prior to your event may result in cancellation due to lack of staff availability. Please note: Some events may require the presence of an officer or cadet and charges may be incurred by the sponsoring student organization. The following events require the approval of Public Safety:

Contact Sgt. Debby Spart, Public Safety, for approval signature. You must call 568-6910 to set up an appointment. If Sgt. Spart is not available, email or contact Lt. Bob Landes or Maj. Scott Coverstone. Completed and signed paperwork is due to Madison Union Scheduling TWO weeks before the event date.

If the discussion and approval from Public Safety has not taken place prior to the due date for paperwork, the event will be CANCELLED.

Rehearsal Policy for Madison Union and Festival Scheduling

During Routine Request period:
Student organizations can only request 3 rehearsal dates per large event or performance. This applies to Grafton Stovall Theatre, Madison Union Ballroom, Memorial Auditorium, Festival Grand Ballroom, Highlands or any large room with a capacity of more than 100. Wilson Auditorium cannot be scheduled for rehearsals or practices.

    Academic Classrooms:  Rehearsals will not be allowed in academic classrooms. Exceptions may be made for weekends. All schedulers reserve the right to determine or restrict the scheduling of spaces/facilities.

6 Weeks prior to Event/Performance Date:
Additional rehearsal space can be requested 6 weeks prior to date of event or performance. At this time, the Nuts & Bolts representative must make an appointment with the scheduling staff in either Madison Union or Festival to discuss any requests for additional rehearsal space. Maximum scheduled rehearsal time is 3 hours.

    Academic Classrooms:  Rehearsals will not be allowed in academic classrooms. Exceptions may be made for weekends. All schedulers reserve the right to determine or restrict the scheduling of spaces/facilities.

Room Usage Policy

Room use at JMU is a collective responsibility. We all share the goal of keeping our facilities clean and organized not only for our use, but for others who are using the same space following your event.

  • Click here for additional information regarding Madison Union room usage guidelines.
  • Click here for additional information regarding Festival room usage guidelines.
  • Please leave the room as you found it (furniture returned to it’s original placement and excessive trash removed.) Misuse may result in suspension of room reservation privileges.

    Transportation Policy

    Any Student Organization using a university-owned vehicle, must comply with University Policy 4303 (Use of State Vehicles).

    Fraternities and sororities that fall under the FSL umbrella and wish to use trip or coach buses must complete the Transportation Policy Form (Use of Chauffeured Transportation by Student Organizations) located on the Fraternity / Sorority website.

    Continued use of state vehicles is contingent upon compliance with the above regulations.

    Vendor Policy

    Most student clubs and organizations at JMU participate in some sort of fundraising activities. A list of approved vendors may be picked up in the Madison Union Scheduling Office or by clicking here. Vendors are allowed in Madison Union Info/Vendor area, Madison Union Patio, Highlands Room and Festival Patio.

    For information regarding how to become a vendor at JMU, see the Prospective Vendor Letter and obtain the Vendor Sales Approval Request Form. Once approved and scheduled to visit campus, click here to find out more information on your visit to campus.