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Step By Step Event Planning

Event Planning at JMU: Everyone Can Benefit
A Step by Step Guide

How do I get started?
What kind of an event are you planning? Is it a simple meeting, a conference requiring multiple rooms, an outdoor event?

Step 1:
Determine your space needs and which facility would be the most appropriate. Get specific information about the room(s) you would like to reserve. Check the University Facility Summary.

Step 2:
Is the time and location available for your event? Check on VirtualEMS (Event Management Scheduling Software) to be sure that the space you would like to request isn’t already reserved.

Step 3:
For Non-University Customers – Is this space within your budget?  Find out the Rates

Step 4:
Is there any additional information about the type of event that I’m planning or the specific space I would like to reserve that I need to consider? Refer to the Scheduling Processes.

Step 5:
Is it too early to schedule this space? Check the Event Scheduling Timeline for the correct year and you’ll know for sure.

Step 6:
Have questions about what types of activities are allowed in this space? Will there be food service, alcohol or candles? Check under Policies to confirm that your activities are allowed in that facility!

Step 7:
Are you interested in services JMU can provide for your event? Will you need Signage, Catering, Parking or Transportation? See what’s available for you under Services.

Step 8:
I think I’m ready to make my request – how do I know who schedules the space? Check the Scheduler List.

Step 9:
How do I get a user account to make a request? Send an email with your name, e-id, department and phone number to An account will be created within 48 hours. Now you’re ready to Submit an Event Request online using VirtualEMS.

Step 10:
Follow the directions in the confirmation email you receive from the scheduler, complete any additional paperwork and/or diagrams. Still have questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us at 540-568-6330 or e-mail us at