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Equipment Loans for Student Organizations

Madison Union Operations has equipment that is available for loan to JMU Recognized Student Organizations. This includes chairs, tables, projectors, sound systems, etc. Please complete the Equipment Reservation Form (see link below) and return to Madison Union Operations. (Warren 270 – Info desk outside of Transitions, 568-5555)

Please note the following Rules for Reserving Equipment:

  • Equipment will only be loaned to JMU Recognized Student Organizations.
  • All equipment must be reserved 1 week prior to pick-up date.
  • The reserving group is responsible for ensuring that equipment is operating properly.
  • Equipment will be inspected when picked up and returned. Drop returns are not allowed.
  • Equipment must be returned in the same condition as it was when picked up. Please notify us immediately if any equipment is accidentally damaged.
  • Reservation will be cancelled if equipment is not picked up 24 hours after scheduled pick-up time. Three of these infractions will result in loss of equipment privileges for the rest of the semester/year depending on date.
  • There will be a $25.00 per day fee for equipment not returned on time. Two instances will result in the group’s loss of loan privileges for the rest of semester/year.
  • Equipment Reservation Request