Dux Programs

Dux Programs

5 Choices

Frazzled? Overwhelmed? Need a boost to become more productive? Sounds like you need the skills, the knowledge, & the technology to make better choices. The 5 Choices, from FranklinCovey, is a training program that will help you work in new, more productive ways. Click the button below to learn more & register now. Seating is limited!

StrengthsFinder Conference

This exciting day will be filled with personal insights into your own strengths, great interactions and connections with others, and tremendous learning opportunities to help you know how to use your strengths to become a better leader. Using the Gallup StrengthsFinder Assessment, you will receive personalized results that will both enlighten and deepen your understanding … Continue reading


Kijiji is a student program, created uniquely for JMU students. Each week you will participate in interactive, experiential learning activities leading you to discover more about yourself, connect with other students who share similar hopes and dreams for making a positive impact on the world around them, and act together to actually influence others to … Continue reading